Jewellery Artist Noyontara Mitra’s – Interview

Noyontara Mitra

  • 4 Sep 2019

    “Be consistent in what you do. Keep yourself updated and be unique in your craft.” – Noyontara Mitra. 


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    The key to success is consistency and hard work. But what is equally important is staying true to our work and having the passion and drive to achieve our goals. These thoughts truly resonate with Noyontara Mitra, who is the co-founder of Mom’s Creation, a hand-made jewellery business. 


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    This amazing business is the brainchild of Noyontara and her sister, Nivedita. They both are media professionals and getting into the jewellery business happened to them by chance. “It started because of our mother. She has always been into stitching, painting, art, and craft. So she would make jewellery for us which we used to wear to college and at our workplaces. People really liked the hand-made jewellery and we got a lot of enquiries regarding it. Some of our friends later encouraged my mother to start the jewellery business and we decided to help her. That’s how our journey began.”, she says. 


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    Talking about their first commercial order, she recalls, “We started participating in exhibitions. I was a part of the Inner Wheel Club where we held an exhibition and got a lot of positive response. People were very thrilled about our hand-made jewellery and loved the whole concept. This encouraged us to take our business ahead.”


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    Out of all the jewellery types, her favourite one to create is quilling jewellery because it is more intricate and delicate. But this factor makes it quite challenging too. Apart from this, Noyontara has also developed an interest in silk jewellery. She says, “While quilling jewellery looks very beautiful, the challenge is to make it durable and sturdy, especially for the rainy weather. Also, quilling kits are very popular and easily available nowadays so people usually think twice before buying something that they can make on their own at home. This means that we have to make our creations unique enough for people to buy them.” We agree. Quilling is not only delicate but also a time-consuming craft form.  


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    Sometimes it is good to just enjoy the process and not have a set plan, especially when you are pursuing your passion. “As far as the creative part is concerned, I want our business to be recognized for our USP which is hand-made, lightweight jewellery. But from the numbers point of view, we do not have any goal as of now, because we did not get into this business for the money. My sister and I both have full-time jobs. Also, making jewellery has always been rejuvenating and like a stress-buster for us. It’s a great way to unwind after a hectic day and we do it out of our passion for it. So we have not set any financial targets”, says Noyontara. 


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    Sharing her experience so far, Noyontara advises, “Be consistent in your work, no matter what. Also, make sure that your craft is unique and has a signature aspect to it. Try to make your own stuff and don’t imitate the already existing creations. Just take inspiration from them and give it your own special touch. This is the beauty of hand-made products. Always keep yourself updated in your craft.”


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