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Meet Paper Jewellery Expert Leena Kusre Who Believes That Fashion Is All About Comfort

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"We are the leaves of one branch, the drops of one sea, the flowers of one garden. "

- Jean Lacordaire


“Be patient and keep focusing on your work. One day you will definitely be successful and will be on the top of your game.” – Leena Kusre


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Leena being a creative mind, always had a passion for jewellery. She is very fond of huge jhumkas, rings and feels attracted towards jewellery. But she would fear that heavy jewellery will hurt her ear lobes. So, she wanted to use something which is higher in design but lighter in weight. Then she got to know about quilling jewellery and found it very interesting and unique. She started using this jewellery for her own.




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This jewellery is generally made up of plastic or paper, but she wanted to make it from paper. She says, “Paper can never be heavy. You can wear them as long as you want in whatever colour or design. You can customize it as per your wish. They are also best for people who have an allergy to metal earrings.”


For Leena, creativity flows in her genes. She has got it from her mom who is an Interior Designer and she herself holds a degree in Fashion Designing. Leena used to wear paper jewellery wherever she goes. Then people started complimenting her for the jewellery. So, her mom told her to make it for others as well. That’s how she started her own jewellery business which she named as ‘Boundless Quilling’.


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On recalling her first client experience, she says, “The girl was my colleague and had ordered jewellery for herself and her sister in law. But she ended up buying both the things for herself and then I have to make another one for her sister in law. And then that lady ordered some 12 earrings. I was so glad and it gave me a boost to focus more on my jewellery ideas.” 




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Talking about her best experience, she says, “When one client ordered 1500 earrings and 12-13 jewellery sets. She wanted these things for her store. I was overwhelmed by this and couldn’t have asked for more. ”


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According to her, “Clients are the best teachers. You implement their ideas and that’s how you learn. You try to push your limits. I want to promote paper jewellery designs. Because they are very comfortable and classy.” 




She says,” My biggest challenge in making paper jewellery was to make it water-resistant and tear-proof. And meeting deadlines is something that keeps you on your toes always. I was shifting from one city to another and during that time I had some 8 orders to complete. But you have to meet them within their deadlines. I have recently got married and have to look after my household work as well. But that doesn’t stop me from doing my things. I stay late at night to complete my assignments.”


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Talent and creativity ultimately find its way, you can’t suppress it. Leena was interning under a fashion designer. But while working, she got this idea of quilling jewellery. She then decided to take this thing as her full-time job and worked really hard for it. It is very difficult for her to meet the deadlines sometimes but then she goes the extra mile to get her job done. Success doesn’t come overnight, you must have an attitude of not giving up even in adverse situations.


An idle mind cannot do great things in life. You have to do efforts to achieve something bigger. – Leena Kusre




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