How Jinal Choksi has Turned her Childhood Hobby into a Business Opportunity

My Meera Store-Jinal Choksi | Bulb And Key

  • 14 Sep 2019

    “Thinking out of the box makes sense, but your ideas should nurture the market demand as well.” – Jinal Choksi


    Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. It is a process; it’s not random. These thoughts strongly resonate with jeweller Jinal Choksi, who is the founder of My Meera Store, a jewellery brand specializing in customized stone jewellery. What makes this brand intriguing is that all their stunning pieces are made of uncut stones retained in their natural shape. 



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    Coming from a jewellery background, Jinal has a master’s in entrepreneurship and has been making jewellery since childhood. She eventually decided to take her love for jewellery and convert it into a business three years ago. Her product range consists of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, men’s accessories and home decor. 


    Jinal got her first commercial order at an exhibition in Mumbai. A lot of people, including a few celebrities, loved and bought her beautiful jewellery. This helped her to create brand awareness and get more clients. 


    Some of the most popular products among her customers are the 7-colours stone necklace and the Red Coral necklace. As to her personal favourite, she says, “That’s very tough to answer. I make them all so I don’t have a particular favourite. I love all of them.” 



    Speaking about the challenging part of her business, she says, “The challenge is the USP itself. Since I retain the stones in their natural shape, each stone is different from the other. So the tricky part here is trying to make the almost similar looking stones come together in order to make a jewellery piece.”



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    Jinal’s plan for the next five years is to take her business to a good market position and increase brand awareness. She explains, “Targeting the people who are passionate about their work is also another goal. This is why I had started my business; I was very passionate about stones, so I converted my passion into a business. Similarly, I want my customers to feel strong, spirited and confident when they wear my jewellery.” 



    For those who want to start their own jewellery business, Jinal advises, “Design according to the tastes of the customers. Thinking out of the box makes sense and you should definitely experiment with new ideas, but these ideas should nurture the market demand as well. For example, if you are making contemporary jewellery, make sure that it is practical and something that can be worn daily.” This is quite a tough balance to strike, but looking at Jinal’s gorgeous modern pieces, we think she manages to do it successfully!


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    Part of the beauty of our relationship with jewellery is that it can change and evolve, just as we do ourselves. – Jinal Choksi 


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