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  • 11 Sep 2019

    “It takes time to build a business. Profits will not come right at the beginning so be patient.” – Divyani Rastogi


    It is often said that patience and persistence make an unbeatable combination for success. Someone who truly believes in this is Divyani Rastogi, a jewellery retailer from Allahabad. She is the founder of Divyani Creations, a successful venture that sells a range of beautiful  jewellery items. 



    Having done her M.Com, Divyani started her business post marriage. She has always been interested in jewellery and starting her own venture. She says, “I decided to go ahead with my plan and got on board a few manufacturers. We sell our products online and offer a stunning range of Kundan and Fashion jewellery.” 



    For any new business, the first order is one of the most important and special ones. Divyani recalls, “I got my first order from my relative. She liked my designs a lot and immediately ordered a neck-piece and earrings. She was very satisfied with the jewellery. After that, some people from my society also loved my collection and asked me to order some more for them.” 



    According to her, the most popular product among her customers is oxidised jewellery, because it is less expensive as compared to the fashion ones. Divyani’s personal favourite is the funky and studded type of jewellery. 



    Talking about the most challenging part of her business, she says, “Keeping stock is a very big challenge. When people return the stuff they don’t like, it becomes dead stock which nobody else wants to buy. Rusting of the oxidised jewellery is also another aspect that we have to be careful about.” 



    In the next five years, Divyani wants to increase her sales and brand awareness. She is not focused on profits and just wants her brand to be recognized and earn people’s trust. This is quite commendable, and something that a lot of entrepreneurs should keep in mind. 



    A piece of advice that she would like to give to budding entrepreneurs is to be patient. She says, “No business can earn profits immediately. You have to wait for five to six months after which people will slowly start recognising your business. So have patience and hope. Also, try to understand the taste of the customers you are dealing with. If they like your product, then encourage them to buy it. This is very important as well.”


    Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion. – Divyani Rastogi  


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