Learn From Jewellery Artist Apurva Karandikar How To Make A Career Choice When In A Dilemma

Avni Studio by Apoorva Karandikar

  • 6 Dec 2019

    “I like making artificial jewellery because it allows me to experiment a lot which is not possible with real jewellery like gold and diamond. There are so many limitations when it comes to real jewellery but artificial jewellery gives me the freedom to try out my creativity.” 

    Apurva Karandikar


    Mosaic art Nameplate by Avni Studio


    It is very important to give out some of your time doing different things apart from your studies and work. When you invest your time in a lot of other things, you will never run out of options when thinking of a career. Apurva says she was very young when she started making artificial jewellery. She used to enjoy doing it very much. 


    Talking about her first client she says, “I was in 7th grade and had made jewellery pieces for me and fellow students of my dance class. I had sold 40 bindis in this competition and I was feeling so glad. It was more like a morale-boosting experience for me.”


    Handmade Earrings by Avni Studio


    For Apurva, jewellery making was always a passion but she never thought of doing as a full-time job. She joined engineering in computer science stream after the completion of her schooling. But she continued making jewellery in her college days also and used to put her jewellery exhibitions in software companies. She was doing it just for fun and was all for the sake of pocket money. 


    Everything was going well until she arrived in the final year of her course. She got placed in one of the companies for a technical job. 


    Handmade neckpiece by Avni Studio


    Apurva says, she doesn’t like coding and can’t imagine herself working for a technical job in an IT company. She was in a dilemma and was not able to figure out what to do. Apurva thought she needs time to think about this situation and therefore she enrolled for a gemology and jewellery design course for 6 months. This course was like a trial to see whether she was really passionate about jewellery making or it was just a hobby. 


    handmade bracelet by Avni Studio



    I realised it very soon that jewellery making was something I want to do as my full-time job. It’s been three years now and everything is going great. I make jewellery made from stones, wires and so many other materials. I keep on experimenting and try to make unique jewellery pieces. Labradorite is my favourite stone, its a grey coloured stone and I like to use it in my jewellery pieces very much. Also, I have made Turkish jewellery and I liked making it very much.


    Talking about her challenges, she says, “When I started there wasn’t any social media platforms, youtube tutorials, blogs etc. I was relying more on books and would do trial and error by myself. ”


    Mosaic art by Avni Studio


    Thinking about her future aspirations, she says, “At the very moment,  I am doing all the things by myself. But in future, I want to hire people and expand my studio and want a team to work for me. I want my website to bloom like crazy. And also I want to teach people. All these things are in the bucket list and I hope to do it soon.


    Mosaic art mirror by Avni Studio


    Success doesn’t come overnight, there is a constant effort and dedication required for it. Even if it’s your hobby that you have been doing since childhood, when you decide to make it your career, there is a whole separate struggle for it. If you really want to make it as your career, then you have to work hard for it and eventually, you will see the results. 


    “Make choices that suit you best and not what others think is right.” – Apurva Karandikar


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