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How To Pick Right Artificial Jewellery For Your Outfits

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You’re not alone, many people face challenges while choosing right jewelry. Jewelry can help brace the formality of an outfit, bring glow and attractiveness to a plain or neutral outfit, or simply attach a pop of joy and shine to any outfit that might otherwise be boring. Jewelry is a timeless and most important accessory classic that every beauty lover needs in her collection. However, linking up a certain outfit with the right jewelry helps enhance the beauty of any girl and helps to steal everyone’s attention . So don’t worry !!!!!! This blog is an essential guide for picking the right jewelry for any outfits. 




1. Choose Jewelry according to occasion: 



oocasion jewellery


Make sure where you are going or what you will do and choose according to it For example: You cannot wear dangling jewellry at work as one needs to concentrate on work.


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2. Choose jewelry according to your skin tone:


artificial jewellry for skin tone


 This needs to be taken care of. That jewelry shouldn’t just go with an outfit but also with the color of your skin. For example: Cooler skin tones go well with gems that are red  purple and blue or gold goes especially well with darker hair and matte skin.


3. Know all your options: 



types of artificial jewellery


Women have so many options like earrings, anklets, watches etc and everything differs in shape , size or appearance. So just one needs to pick jewellery  which increases the glow of your outfit and personal style.


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First step is to find your skin tone and what is the shape of your face and as they are listed below:


For COOL skin , Silver, Platinum and white gold will be effective and will enhance the beauty.


For WARMER tones skin, Gold, brass, copper and pewter can be suggested.


For OVAL shape , No long and dangling earrings and there is no such restriction while choosing a necklace as short and long both will be great for this type.


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For a RECTANGULAR shape, Short and round earrings will be great as it will glow  up the beauty of the face and Choker can also be taken into consideration.


For ROUND OR SQUARE shape: Extended necklace and ovular and other angular shape earrings like rectangular shape etc should be part of your choice.




1. Artificial jewelry for t-shirts and jeans: 


articial jewellery for tshirt


T-shirts and Jeans are one of the chief parts of any girl’s wardrobe. One can look agile when it is paired with the right accessory.This outfit can be transformed with a pair of chunky hoop earrings, stacked rings or bracelets and long chains can also play an important role.


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2. Artificial jewelry for Neckline dresses:


artificial jewellery for neckline


The right necklace can enhance your Neckline dress.

One must go with a long pendant necklace if you are wearing a Deep V neckline dress, Short necklace for enhancement of sweetheart neckline and Layered Necklace for crew neck cut clothing.


3. Artificial jewelry for One shoulder dresses: 


jewellery for one shoulder


Arm cuff,Post or Dangle earrings ,Long necklace ,Choker are some of the best jewellery that  can go with a one shoulder dress.


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Your personality and outfit says a lot about you , so you must pick something above it which explores its beauty ,artificial jewelry plays a big role in personality development.

You do not require a lot of knowledge, but the right knowledge about the outfit and jewelry coordination because just a right choice of jewelry can help you to increase your confidence and steal the attention of the room . 


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