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How To Do Jewellery Photography For Your Artificial Jewellery Business From Home

Aparna Jaiswal

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"No man was ever wise by chance. "

- Seneca


Are you planning to start an artificial jewellery business from home or running one already? Have you ever faced the situation where your jewellery products were better than others but people have ended up buying up their products and not yours? If you have been through this, then you should definitely read out this blog to find out what went wrong.


For doing any business, you need to understand people’s mentality. You may produce the best jewellery products, but people don’t know about it. You have to make a proper strategy to sell your products. You just can’t skip this part, it is one of the crucial things for doing any business.


These days, with the increase in usage of social media, the importance of good pictures has grown immensely. No matter how good your jewellery is, it is necessary to present them with outstanding images. So, this is the reason why Jewellery Photography has got so much craze. It’s better if you hire a professional for clicking pictures of your jewellery or can buy a DSLR camera and take images on your own. But even if you don’t, it doesn’t make much difference. Smartphones these days are capable enough of producing amazing pictures. One must know different jewellery photography ideas for their business. It’s not rocket science and you can easily master the art of clicking wonderful images with your smartphone at home.


Here are some of the Jewellery Photography ideas that you should keep in mind to make your jewellery look out of the world.


  • Natural Light


photography in natural light


You should avoid taking photographs in the areas with poor lighting. There may be times when you are in a hurry and you don’t care about the lightings, but it matters a lot. Taking photos in natural light is the best thing you can do. Also, don’t take images using a flashlight.


  • Background


backgroung for photography


Background of the image is more important than jewellery. Yeah, that’s true! Imagine if you have an amazing jewellery piece but the background is just not appropriate and it ruins the whole photo. Try to keep the background creative yet simple. You can use contrast colours in the background or try some other creatives like sand, flowers or dummies. This help the jewellery look more beautiful and presentable.


  • Styling


styling of jewelry


Styling of jewellery means to showcase the jewellery pieces in such a way that it looks attractive and desirable. If you go through different social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, you will get an idea of how jewellery photos have to be taken. These images are pretty and attract users to buy them. The main purpose of your jewellery photos is to engage customers. Use your creativity to make your photos look amazing. Tie your jewellery pieces to strings and take photos or try different wallpapers that you can make using different tools.


  • Image size


image size of photography



Right size of the image is very important. Before uploading any picture, you should edit and make it to the right size. Many times we forget taking this into consideration but its impact is huge.


  • Use proper apps


snapseed logo


There are so many apps available that can help you in making your pictures look good. Adobe Lightroom, PicsArt, Snapseed owned by Google are some of the apps that can make your work photo editing task easier. But make sure you don’t overuse them otherwise you will lose the authenticity of the images.


  • Keep it simple


simple photography of jewelry



The simpler the images, the more appealing they look. Nowadays, people like to see simple and decent photos and not gaudy ones. Try to use simple backgrounds and designs for the images.


  • Use a tripod


tripod using for jewelry photography



If you click images from a distance, they turn out to be better. Tripods really help in this so, whenever you take photos, tie your mobile phone on a tripod and then take images.


  • Clean jewellery and lens of the camera


cleaning lens of camera


Even if there is a little amount of dust on the lens of a camera or on your jewellery pieces, it is visible in the photograph. So, make sure to clean the camera lens and jewellery items before you take a photo of them.


  • Avoid bad reflections


bad reflection during photography


Reflections can be great in photography when used to create effects. But unwanted or bad reflections can ruin your photos. You have made a lot of efforts to get your pictures right but a bad reflection can destroy it all. But worry not, there are a lot of apps that help you in removing these bad reflections.


  • Take from all angles


Taking jewelry photo from all angles


Always take photos from different angles. It gives customers a clear understanding of how the jewellery piece looks from different sides and eventually help them to decide better whether to buy it or not. Always try avoiding taking selfies of the jewellery pieces, they don’t look professional at all.


  • Take a lot of photos


jewelry photography


Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures. While you click the photos you feel like it’s enough, but after some time when you start looking for good pictures, you just can’t find any. So, don’t hesitate to click tons of pictures.


Aparna Jaiswal

Story By:

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