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How to Choose the Best Jewelry Clasp?

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Jewelry clasps are the necessary components to tie the two of your favorite jewelry. It can be a necklace, ring, or bracelet. Often, they have a subdued design, not wanting to overshadow the jewelry.


However, you can search for other options in the market too. These clasps allow you to wear the jewelry, with the best clasp types, you can get your hands on having an equally impressive design.


To select those clasps, merely doing the deed, or adding an aesthetic value to the piece of jewel-like rings and bracelets you want to show off, you must know their types.


That’s our motive as well. In this blog below, you find the best ring clasp and others you can buy and do perfectly suiting your look and personality.


  • The spring ring clasp


The spring ring clasp


This clasp has a circular mechanism with a lever that pulls back the spring to lock or unlock the jewelry in one place. Generally, you can find a gold clasp bracelet and necklace when it comes to this spring clasp.


This clasp is best to adjust the rings in the chained necklaces or bracelets if, in any case, the jewelry is too loose to wear.


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  • Lobster clasps


Lobster clasps


One of the most favorable necklace clasp types is this one. These are readily available in the most authentic jewelry stores with amazing designs and patterns. They have a self-closing feature.


To open this type of clasp, you have to push the lever down using the thumb. This will compel the inner claw of the clasp to bend inward. However, as you release the lever, it will close again.


However, a modern lobster clap can be an alternative for the anklet or bracelet fastener.


  • Fish Hook clasps


Fish Hook clasps


These are the most unique clasps in the market as of now. But, if you request the jewelry store in advance, they might arrange the same for you. In this clasp, one end has an oval box representing a pseudo-fish while the other one has a metallic end with the hook.


To close such a silver necklace clasp, or even the bracelets or anklet fasteners put the metallic hook into the hollow spot inside the oval box.


This mechanism is tricky for a single hand. Therefore, it’s often preferred to be used for necklaces rather than bracelets.


  • Bolo clasps


Bolo clasps


Talk about fashion and include bolo clasp types for sure. They are the best for bracelets and anklets. Their design is chic and sleek and easy to manage when in a hurry.


These clasps are best known for their adjustability. The clasp is at one of the jewelry’s corners, tying both the end of the chain in one loop. You can push or pull the loop accordingly to adjust the jewelry piece onto your skin.


They have a versatile design and usage. It can be used as a silver necklace clasp easily. After all, these clasps are designed for the freestyle chains, bracelets, anklets, or necklaces. Thus, it allows everyone to wear the same jewelry, taking care of the adjustability on its own.


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  • Bead or ball clasps


Bead or ball clasps


As per the name, these clasps have a ball mechanism to close both the jewelry’s ends. These circular clasps have a bayonet or tab as a lock mechanism. Their beauty that adds to the bracelet or anklet overall value is one of the perks you must look out for.


Most often, these clasps are best for the beaded jewelry as these clasps look like a bead too.


  • Toggle Clasps


Toggle Clasps


There is a thin bar and a ring mechanism on the other end of the jewelry piece to lock-in that same bar. This type of clasp is a very famous ring, clasp. The lock helps in adjusting the ring around your finger and is easy to manage.


The style of this lock gives out a boho look. These locks are perfect gemstone jewelry like the Blue Nile diamonds.


  • Swivel Clasps


Swivel Clasps


This clasp works like a lobster one but with a swivel function. It’s best used as the pendant hook clasp. You can pull the lever down and hang the pendant inside the hook. After that, you can release the lever and lock the pendant.


Moreover, these swivel clasps have a closed loop on the top. Through this closed-loop, you can get your necklaces hooked. Therefore, it will make the entire necklace look wonderful once both the necklace and the pendant are hooked from both the ends of this Swivel clasp.


  • Magnetic clasps


Magnetic clasps


The piece of jewelry from the jewelry store would contain some magnetic poles from both the ends. So, when you put the same jewelry on, the magnetic poles will automatically attract and close the loop.


Therefore, there is no hook and lever system here. Such a clasp is best used as a bracelet fastener. It can be used for anklets as well.


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