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Customized Jewellery To Gift Your Loved Ones

Samikshya Borse

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"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. "

- Lauren Bacall


“Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” – Elizabeth Taylor


Gifting your loved ones what they desire has always been special – it’s almost like a tradition. Whether it is a beautiful bouquet, a box of chocolates or a nice watch, a gift instantly lights up the person receiving it.


But have you ever thought of making their special day even more wonderful by giving them a personalized gift, meant just for them?


For most women today, owning a piece of customized jewellery has almost become a necessity. Look into fashion magazines and social media, or just look around you – we’re pretty sure you must have seen people flaunting their personalized jewellery with pride and style.


Custom jewellery is not just about reflecting the wearer’s unique personality, it is also about creating unique jewellery – something that has never been done before.


The huge demand for custom jewellery over the last few years has led to jewellery designers pushing the envelope, searching for inspiration and ideas that can take their jewellery to new places.


Personalized jewellery is the perfect gift for your loved one if you want to make their special day even more memorable. So here’s a list of customized jewellery for you to choose from :-


1.  Customized Bracelets and Cufflinks


Customized Bracelets and Cufflinks


A bracelet is one piece of jewellery that is loved and worn by both women and men. Customized bracelets having the wearer’s favourite charms or metal cufflinks with their names engraved on the surface are gifts that will surely stay in their hearts for a long time.


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2.  Personalized Necklaces


Personalized Necklaces


We are pretty sure you must have seen those necklaces having the wearer’s name in place of a traditional pendant. After all, customized neck-pieces which are made to order according to the client’s wishes have been all the rage since years now. Right from pop-stars to college students, customized necklaces are being embraced and flaunted like never before!


3.  Custom-made Rings 




Rings are such a cool way to flaunt your personal style. They are simple yet chic, super easy to wear and can up a person’s fashion quotient instantly. You can even have these rings customized according to your preferences – choose a metal or plastic base, beads, monogrammed letters or your favourite precious stones – whatever you like!


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4.  Customized Hair Clips / Word Barrettes


hair clip


Yes, we agree that hair clips do not exactly fall under the jewellery category, but if you take a look at the recent jewelled hair clip trend, then you’ll agree that they definitely should. You can either go for rhinestone-studded hair clips bearing your name, a brand’s logo or just any favourite word of yours. Either way, they’re sure to make heads turn.


5.  Personalized Earrings




Yes, you heard that right. Custom-made earrings is another hot new trend that has made gifting jewellery to your loved one easier. You can choose from a variety of gorgeous gemstones, colours and designs.


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Samikshya Borse

Story By:

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