Bridal Jewellery Trends for 2019

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  • 8 Nov 2019

    Weddings are nothing short of spectacular in India. Be it the various ceremonies or rituals, everything is colourful and exciting to witness. For any bride and groom, their wedding day is the most highly anticipated day of their lives. Especially for the bride, it is the time when she wants to look her best. 


    In India, bridal jewellery contributes to the entire look on the wedding day. Whether it is traditional or contemporary jewellery, it captures the essence of Indian culture and makes the bride feel like a princess on the most important day of her life.


    Right from the wedding dress to the jewellery, make-up to shoes, every bride wants to make sure that things are perfect for her special day. One of the main elements of focus is the jewellery. Hunting for the right bridal jewellery can be quite difficult and exhausting, what with all the amazing variety available nowadays.  


    So to make the selection process a little easier for the brides, we have compiled a list of stunning and unique bridal jewellery that are trending this year –


    1. Maharani Style Necklace

    Maharani Style Necklace


    Inspired by ancient jewellery, the Maharani Style Necklace is a perfect combination of fashion and tradition. Most of these pieces come in multi-layers and hence give a royal look to the wearer. 


    2. Kundan Mathapatti


    Kundan Matha Patti


    This stunning piece of jewellery is fast becoming a trend among modern brides because they are lightweight and attractive. These stunning pieces can be single or double sided and some of them are even embellished with pearls and stones. As they are also available in a lot of designs and colours, you can choose the one that matches your neckpiece and other jewellery. 


    3. Oversized Nose Rings

    Oversized nose ring


    This old trend has recently made a comeback thanks to many celebrities and models donning nice, oversized nose rings at events and magazine shoots. Go for it if you want a perfect balance of traditional yet trendy and make sure to consider your face shape before choosing a nose ring.  


    4. Lotus Motif Jewels

    Lotus Motif Jewels


    Symbolic of beauty and prosperity, the lotus is an auspicious flower used extensively in Indian weddings. Taking a cue from this, many top jewellers are using motifs of these gorgeous blooms on their jewellery. 


    5. Chokers



    If you want to wear something other than the typical long necklaces, then a nice studded choker is the perfect piece of jewellery for you. Chokers are a part of the minimalist trend. They look absolutely stunning and modern, especially when worn with a lehenga. 


    6. Statement Handcuffs

    Statement Handcuffs


    This year, it’s all about the beautiful studded handcuffs instead of the usual bangles and bracelets. Bejewelled with precious stones, cuffs in floral and geometric patterns are the current trend. 


    7. Cocktail Rings

    Cocktail Rings


    While rings have been around for the longest time, a lot of brides these days are opting for quirky, unique cocktail rings. Whether your ring of choice is big or small, it can add a lot of jazz and elegance to the overall wedding look. 


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