7 Trending Nature Inspired Jewellery Ideas That Will Set You Apart From The Crowd

nature inspired jewelry

  • 9 Nov 2019

    “Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there” – Diane Von Furstenberg


    Be it any piece of jewellery, it always adds on to your beauty and just like your outfits, they are a great way to express your style. These days people like jewellery that are simple, elegant and not gaudy. There are so many varieties of jewellery available and people have become more practical in their choices. They like the ones that are easy to carry and also that can be worn at multiple places. 


    A unique jewellery trend going these days is making your jewellery from real natural objects like leaves, flowers, stones etc. In the olden times, natural things were used for making everything including jewellery. In this age of excess pollution, there could nothing be better than using jewellery items which are made from nature itself. This jewellery gives you a sense of involvement with nature. These designs are very different and allow you to make a style statement amongst others. 


    This jewellery designs can either be used directly or by electroforming. Electroforming is a process in which electrodeposition of metals like copper is done on real entities like flowers, seeds and leaves to make them durable.


    Below are some of the jewellery ideas that are inspired by nature that you should definitely try for your next occasion.


    Flowers and Leaves 




    Flowers are the most beautiful natural elements and when used as a piece of jewellery, it just adds so much beauty to your look. Flowers can literally go with any outfit, they look elegant as well as classy. Similarly, there are so many plants whose leaves are used for making jewellery. Eucalyptus, aspen, maple leaves are used for making earrings and necklaces. 


    Natural Stones


    natural stones jewelry


    It’s so amazing that nature has provided us with such colourful shinning stones. You don’t need any other gemstone when you have beautiful natural stones. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings having natural stones engraved in them are one of the popular nature inspired jewellery ideas  these days.  


    Read the interview of Jinal Choksi ,whose brand is specialised in customised stone jewellary.




    seashell jewelery



    Seashells are one of the unique physical entity of marine ecosystems. They signify good luck and positivity. Seashell jewellery designs are never going out of fashion, they were being largely used in the ancient days and are still in trend. Seashells rejuvenate energy in you and make you feel calm.






    Dried seed bracelets and necklaces are in fashion nowadays and look super cool.  Seeds symbolize faith and good fortune. Beetle nut seed necklaces, against evil eye Peony seed bracelets, Koa seed necklaces, Pomegranate seed necklaces are some of the jewellery made from real seeds. 






    Can you believe that jewellery is being made from real honeycomb? Yes, you heard it, right! Honeycomb is extracted from the beehive and then electroforming is done on it. Honeycomb necklaces have become quite popular these days. If you want to create a difference with your fashion, then you must try this. No one will ever think that you got jewellery made out of a honeycomb. 




    wood jewelry


    These are eco-friendly jewellery designs. Pendants and earrings made from wood just set you apart from the crowd. They look unique and stylish. Bamboo is very much used for making this type of jewellery and is liked by a lot of people.


    Read the interview of Noyonta Mitra who is an expert in hand made jewellary business.


    Peacock Feathers


    peacock feather jewelry


    Peacock feathers symbolize luxury and beauty. The dark colours of a peacock feather represent sorrow and the bright colours marks happiness. Peacock Feather Earrings, necklaces were being worn by people in earlier days and it is still in fashion. 


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