Types of Jewellery Every Woman Must Own


6 Types of Jewellery Every Woman Must Own

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"This world, after all our science and sciences, is still a miracle; wonderful, inscrutable, magical and more, to whosoever will think of it. "

- Thomas Carlyle


Accessories have the power to transform a piece of clothing. Every woman should own pieces of some classic jewellery which can be used on multiple outfits which can help you elevate your look.


The trendy and jewellery of cult fashion keep on evolving. The jewellery range can vary from a flamboyant necklace to a minimalistic ring. Items like chokers, ear-crawlers, oversize necklaces were a huge part of the popular culture back in the day, but now are absolutely outdated. But some pieces of jewellery are timeless and owning such pieces of jewellery would be a long-time investment.


Indian fashion is very diverse, owning jewellery which can be paired with both- an Indian or a western outfit is your best buy.


Here are some types of Jewellery every woman should own –


  •  Diamond Studs


 Diamond Studs


As they say, Diamond is forever. Stud earrings are probably one of the first pieces of jewellery women should invest in and a diamond pair being the ultimate goal. With just the right amount of sparkle to wear day in and day out, nothing is as versatile or elegant.


Diamond Studs are one of the most perfect pieces of jewellery a woman can own. Some women never take them off- seriously, they are that good.


Diamond Earrings are extremely classy. You can wear them at work or even at a wedding. For an everyday look, a small size of diamond studs would be recommended, however, any size will look great according to your preference.


The most common diamond shapes used for stud earrings are Asscher, round, and princess cut diamonds.


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  •  Round Hoop Earrings


 Round Hoop Earrings


Round Hoop Earrings are the perfect way to shine. You can pair them perfectly with western as well as Indian outfits depending on the style. You can carry them off very well at parties, ceremonies, and other occasions.  


Owning Hoop Earrings in the colors- Black, White, Silver, and Gold can cover almost all outfits you own. Hoop earrings can be in a variety of sizes from small to very large hoops. We believe, large hoops will make you look trendier and in style.


Hoop Earrings could also be very budget-friendly. However, buying these from a good company will promise a more sophisticated look.


  •  Pearl Long Necklace


 Pearl Long Necklace


Pearls are forever classic. It is an accessory that can never let you down. Pearl jewellery can go with everything, elevating attire—holiday or not—with effortless elegance.


Queen Elizabeth is often seen wearing pearls and we all know her highness has an impeccable sense of fashion.


The length of a pearl rope makes the necklace extremely versatile. Whether you wear it single or drape it in several loops, the sheer number of pearls in a rope length pearl necklace makes it a dramatic piece of jewellery. Depending on how you style it; you can wear your necklace with any outfit.


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  • A minimalist bracelet.


A minimalist bracelet.


Bracelets are an essential accessory for women. In many cultures, women wear bracelets on their wrists to symbolize beauty. Also, gold or a diamond bracelet could be worn by women to show off their wealth.


A bracelet can make you look more feminine and delicate. A bracelet is an ultimate statement for a stylish woman. They never go out of style and can also help you stand out in a formal setting.


Many women customize bracelets according to their taste. You can have a basic gold bracelet or use diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other precious stones according to your liking.


  • Cocktail Rings


Cocktail Rings


A cocktail ring is an oversized ring with a large center stone and a lot of tiny stones surrounding it. When cocktail rings emerged as a fashion statement, they were typically worn by women in cocktail parties and that’s where they derived the name from.


As a cocktail ring is larger than a normal-sized ring and is more attractive in terms of colours and design, it is more likely to grab people’s attention.


Cocktail rings are not worn every day, but only on special events with formal clothing. A cocktail ring can help to make your evening gown or your saree look more noticeable.


Cocktail rings are usually worn in your right hand as they could be misunderstood as your wedding ring. They are usually worn on the ring or middle finger.


A cocktail ring’s shape, size, the design could be a way to help you express your style creatively, and adding it to your collection would make it an important piece of jewellery.



  •  Go-with-all necklace


 Go-with-all necklace


A necklace with a beautiful pendant is a must-buy for all women. The perfect necklace is more than a missing piece to complete any outfit, it is a focal point that draws attention to your collarbone and mesmerizes its onlookers.


While buying a go-with-all necklace, one must give the craftsmanship priority. That can make or break your outfit.


The necklace should not be very long and essentially be a pendant. The design and size of the pendent can vary according to your style. You can pull off this piece of jewellery with a formal or an informal outfit.


Try to restrict the colour of this necklace to Silver or Golden as it can be paired with multiple outfits rather than choosing bright colours like red and yellow.


Remember, stick to your own style and your preferences while buying your jewellery and try not to copy anyone else. The jewellery that connects with your liking will make you stand out in the crowd and in line suit your dressing style.


The suggestions listed above are eternal and investing in them could be a game-changer in your fashion style.


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