Tools Used For Wood Carving

Aparna Jaiswal

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Wood has been a part of our lives since ancient times. We can’t imagine our lives without using wooden items. Furniture, handicrafts, sculptures and so many other things made out of wood are extremely popular and never goes out of fashion. And therefore its usage and demand have never decreased.


Wood carving means creating wooden objects and figures by cutting down wood with the help of different wood carving tools like chisels, knives, and mallets. These wood carving tools generally have sharp and thin edges which help in making detailed objects and intricate designs. Also, they are smaller in size and shape as compared to wood cutting tools.


Here is a list of some of the wood carving tools that are used widely and if you are a beginner you should have knowledge about them.


  • Chip Carving Knife


Chip Carving Knife


A chip carving knife is a very common tool used for carving wooden chips. The blades of the knife are made from steel and the most important thing about this tool is to use it properly. This is not a wood cutting tool, it is a carving tool and thus you must know the difference. There is a certain way to hold this knife in order to carve out small wooden chips.


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  • Gouge




Gouge is a chisel that has a curvy edge. It is used to carve hollows, rounds, and curves. There are different types of gauges available varying in their sweep or curvature. Gauges are divided into two categories – Firmer and Paring. 


  • Chisel




A chisel is a tool with a flat, sharp edge used to carve out shapes in the wood. It is used to round off the raised portions of the wood. You can buy a chisel set as a beginner to understand the working of different tools. This set consists of gouges, chisels, knives that will help you learn the basics of wood carving.


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  • Mallet




Mallets are light hammers used for driving chisels and gouges. They don’t leave marks on the wood because of their light nature. Mallets are made from a variety of woods and are available in different sizes. 


  • CNC Wood Carving Machine 


CNC Wood Carving Machine 


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines can carve wood, metal etc. They are fast and efficient. There are blogs and documentation on CNC wood carving machines that guide you in the operation of these machines. They are automated and therefore one must have a basic technical knowledge before using them. Also, CNC wood carving machines must be handled under supervision or else they can prove dangerous. There are various types of CNC machines – routers, wood routers, lathe machines etc.  


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Aparna Jaiswal

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