Christmas Crafts 2020


Must Need Christmas Crafts 2020

Malvika Padin

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"Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest."

- Sri Chinmoy


Kick the festive spirit up a notch this Christmas with DIY decorations that are not only fun and easy to make but completely unique to your personality and affordable. All types of Christmas decorations are probably available at your local retailer but it’s so much more rewarding to come together as a family and make your own crafts to spruce up your homes during the holiday season. The options for DIY Christmas crafts are truly endless and here are just a few must-try ideas to get you started. 


  • Christmas Garlands 


Christmas Garlands 


Using everything from dried fruit to wrapping paper, you can add a fun, new twist to traditional Christmas garlands. Some types of garlands you can try out are : 


Citrus Garland – Use twine, nylon thread, or wire to  give your garland an unexpected addition to your Christmas tree with dried citrus. 


Felt Garlands – Add some Christmas cheer to your rooms with a felt leaf garland. Simply tie some green and red felt strips together with a few red pompoms to replicate the boughs of holly that every Christmas needs to be complete. 


Apple Garland – Another fruit-themed garland for you to try out. For this one, use a skewer to poke a hole through some apples (near it’s centre), then string some wire through these holes and attach them to your walls – if you want spruce it up further consider adding some fir to the garland as well. 


  • Wreaths




What’s Christmas without a wreath adorning your front door? There are a few different types of wreaths- made from affordable, reused materials- you can experiment with but you can really go wild with your creativity here!


Thread Spool Wreath – Looking for a simple wreath? Well grab your sewing kit, take out a variety of empty or thinning spools of thread, wrap them in ribbon and hang your colourful new wreath up with some wire. That’s it, in two steps you’re set to welcome holiday guests!


Fabric or Wrapping Paper Wreath – Don’t let your scraps go to waste, instead turn them into a colourful wreath! Whether it’s bits and pieces from sewing your discarded strips of your wrapping paper after wrapping your gifts, you can use them to make a unique, funky wreath. 


Old Sheet Music Wreath – A bit of an odd one, but quite authentic! If you’re into Christmas carolling and have been hoarding sheet music, consider using some of the older sheets to turn your basic wreath into something fresh. Fashion a paper bow or flower from more of the sheet music to add extra style. 


  • Gift Toppers


Gift Toppers


Add a little bit of personality to the gifts you’re giving away with a twist on the boring gift toppers.


Plaid Shirt Ribbons – , Cut strips out of your unwanted plaid shirts and create a fringe effect by pulling the loose threads. Tie your strips around your presents to give them a warm, country-inspired look. You can even add doilies, candy canes, and ornaments to them to spruce them up a bit. 


Woven Ribbon Gift Topper – Speaking of ribbons, go the lanyard-making route with a creative, woven ribbon gift topper. Begin with 12 strands of ribbon, lay half of them down on the top of a gift, securing them to the bottom of the box with double-sided tape. Grab one of the remaining strands, and weave it over and under each of the ribbons that are already attached to the top of the box. Repeat the process using the other five ribbons. 


Button Gift Topper – With just some hot glue and a few varieties of buttons you can take your gift-wrapping to the next level. Simply glue some colourful buttons to the top of your gift to give it a fun, child-like vibe. 


  • Ornaments




How can you have a merry Christmas without sparkly, nostalgic or classic ornaments adorning your tree and house? Get creative with your Christmas ornaments! 


Filled Glass Ornaments – These are a very customisable choice of ornaments because you can use anything from jingle bells and colourful feathers to poms poms and glitter to fill these glass orbs. 


Chalk Paint Ornaments – Another one customisable ornament, this requires a few more supplies than most of the DIY crafts in this article, but is complete worth it for the rustic, homely holiday spirit it adds to your decorations. Use chalk paint to cover your ornaments, then use a white paint pen to doodle festive designs or write personalised messages on it. 


Twig/Popsicle Stick Tree Ornaments – Two fun ones for kids and adults alike. For the twig ornaments, go on an adventure and collect some twigs. Then use glue, and embroidery thread to DIY these nature-inspired ornaments. Make coloured popsicle stick trees, by gluing them together. Feel free to add some bling with a few rhinestones to make a miniature tree that will fit right in on your real tree. 


  • Mini Christmas Trees 


Mini Christmas Trees


You can never go wrong with a few mini Christmas trees around your house. But did you know you can use a few unlikely resources to make them?


Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree – If you like hoarding plastic spoons that usually end never being used – well you’ve found a use for them! Snip the handles of these spoons and use the circular ends to imitate branches of a Christmas tree. Paint them silver for some sparkle and style, then begin gluing each piece on top of one another on a cardboard cone.


  • Stockings




Sweater Stockings – You can’t have Christmas without stockings. So make things interesting by creating your own stockings from old sweaters. Trace a stocking template on a bright sweater, then cut and sew it inside out. Using scraps sew on a loop. Make as many as you need and when there’s enough for your whole family, monogram initials onto it with simply stitching or even cardboard.



Everything around you can add some Christmas cheer to your lives if you just get creative with how you use them. Get inspired, explore your imaginations and have a happy, craft-filled Christmas! 





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