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How to Create Holiday Gift Guides

Mrudula Deodhar

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India is a festive country. We have an ample number of festivals and functions ON at our places. Festivals become more fun when we offer our loved ones something great. But as business owners who work in the field of gifting and/or creative merchandising would agree to the fact that people these days have developed a habit of shopping. May it be shopping online or at the malls and shops. People across the globe absolutely love shopping. However, lately, people have been searching extensively for gifting ideas online. To help your customers find the rightmost gift for their loved ones, here’s a thing that you may think of creating- A Holiday Gift Guide. This piece of the blog is about creating one such holiday guide in little time.


  • Know your customers


Know your customers


It is important to understand your target audience. Because it helps you in capturing leads for your business. To get a better understanding of the choices, make a list of questions to ask your customers. With this, you’ll be in a position to nurture your existing customers, make new connections, and provide them with the things that they might be actually looking for.


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  • Be unique


be unique


Your customers want something out of the box always. To offer them something extraordinary you need to know the current market trends. The market trend analysis tells you if your products/designs are lagging behind or are in the trend. According to your observations in this analysis, you may go on to creating something unique to surprise your shoppers.


  • Offer a discount


Offer a discount


We all love it when we get something that we want for a lesser price than the printed price. Don’t we? Make a list of questions to ask consumers about your products and their pricing. You will get a fair idea of their views on the same. Selecting the best-selling gift item, you may plan your discounts on every new item in the holiday guide. This is a special initiative that will be taken for product lead capture, and you shall definitely benefit from it.


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  • Focus on popular products


popular products


You surely must be having products that are popular amongst your shoppers- the best-selling items. Make sure you are highlighting these popular products with special efforts. Your marketing and advertising initiatives should primarily focus on raising the sale of these items, it might be due to the customer delightfulness, the discounts, or mouth publicity. Showcase these best-selling items in the list of products to sell online.


  • Plan your workload


Plan your workload


Before you actually prepare and release your holiday gift guide, make sure that you have the needful bandwidth to fulfill the unexpected workload. It isn’t very unpopular that there is a last-minute holiday shopping every other time. People are occupied and busy and hence you may expect last-minute shoppers to place huge orders, changes, and modifications. Check the availability of your team for the same.


  • Seek help


Seek help


Remember that, there’s only a bit that you can do alone. To get your holiday gift guide going, seek help from local shop keepers, dealers, etc. Offer them the opportunity to showcase a few of their products in your guide so that they will be willing to come to a step forward for you.


A holiday gift guide has now become an essential element of every business owner who works in the field of gifting. It helps customers to narrow down their choices and attain a final, crisp, and right decision in less time. It is a tool or an activity each business owner must invest time and money into.


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