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How to Courier Gifts this Festive Season

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Planning to courier Diwali Hampers!


So here’s what you need to know before you courier.


Now that festivals are around the corner and most of us are chalking out menu for hampers. Before you list out the menu here are few points that you need to keep in mind.


1.Try to pack your goodies preferably a tin box or a sturdy cardboard box


2.Avoid sending items with shorter shelf life.


3.Avoid sending products that have milk and other milk products as their main ingredient.


4.If packed in Bubble wrap would prove to be an added advantage. You can also use peanuts for insulation


5.A larger size corrugated cardboard box is always preferable.


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  • How to Pack Goodies for Shipping


Pack Goodies for Shipping



1.Line box with wax /butter paper or parchment paper.


2.Place the goodies inside and avoid stuffing too many in one box.


3.Cover the goodies with paper on the top as well and place the lid of the container.


4.Gently shake the container to ensure that the items inside don’t move. If they do, add more paper in empty space.


5.Seal the top of the container from all sides.


Pack Goodies for Shipping



6.To give it a personal touch, you can tie a ribbon/bow/ cards/ or even a personalised wish.


7.Use bubble wrap/packing peanuts or synthetic cotton as padding on the bottom of the larger box


8.Place the container on top of the padding.


9.Stuff the bubble wrap/packing peanuts/ synthetic cotton on the top and sides of the container for insulation.


10.Close the lid of the box and tape it securely on all sides. Make sure you cover the bottom and corners of the box with tape as well.


11.Write the name and address of the recipient on a paper and paste it on the box – make sure it’s visible. You can also print the shipping label online from the courier service you are using.


Hoping that these pointers will help you and ease your issues on couriering goodies this festive season!


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