Handmade Table Top Gifts


Essential Handmade Table Top Gifts

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"Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot. "

- Hausa


Indian homes are very fond of tables. Tables are placed at different corners of the house for various purposes. Dining tables, corner tables, dressing tables, and the list isn’t short! Indians are also very fond of decorating the table tops so as to make it more presentable and useful.


Here is a list of handmade crafts that are essential tabletop items that you can create all by yourself. The next time, it’s your friend’s birthday you can gift one of the following items and wait for him or her to have a bright smile on the face!


So, let us get started-


  • Table Lanterns


Table Lanterns


We all have those ancient lanterns in-store that our grandparents kept as their belongings and memories. Get them out, paint them with various bright colors (you may consider a good color combination with respect to the color of your table). You can try fixing an electric connection in it or can use it in the old traditional way by lighting a lamp in it. You can attach fancy laces, artificial flowers, etc. to it. It is one of the most antique handmade items that has gained popularity in recent times.


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  • Flower Vase


Flower Vase


Vases can be of a variety of materials. The vase materials can range from the earth, plastic, wood, cardboard, and even paper. Depending upon the material availability and your skillset you can choose a material to craft a vase. Later, painting the vase with creative and unique designs is also a wonderful area to work upon. Wooden vases can also have carved designs. It is a very common yet truly beautiful Indian craft.


  • Photo frames


Photo frames


These are the easiest to make. You can choose materials like wood, plastic, acrylic, etc for making frames. Frames can be created in different shapes and sizes and can also be painted with the finest designs like flowers, cartoons, Varli paintings, etc. Once the structure is ready you may place the photograph or a picture within the frame. These pictures presents are loved by almost everyone. Being the bestseller of all times, you may also want it to be a part of your crafts shop if you own one. 


  • Piggy Bank or Donation Boxes


Piggy Bank or Donation Boxes


If there is a table at a shop or at a reception where you wish to have a donation box for some good cause, you would not want to miss this one!


“For a creative mind, every crap has a hidden beauty”.


If you think you seek beauty in the used cardboard covers, boxes, packets, paper bags, paper glasses, and so on…making a creative piece out of it is no big deal for you! Why not make one and surprise your friend with this money gift?!


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  • Napkin Rings


Napkin Rings


This handmade handicraft is not too famous yet. But, take my words, it looks just so fancy on your tabletop. You can have it on your dining table and also on the bedroom table. Napkin rings can be made of metals (broad and full-size bangles can also be used), glass (with blunt sides), wood, etc. You may decorate it with paints, or simply fancy silk fabrics.


  • Wooden Toys


Wooden Toys


Wooden toys are well-known Indian presents since ancient times. Wooden dolls, wooden animals, wooden chess, wooden human miniatures are a few examples. If you are a woodworker, making wooden toys is definitely going to add a feather in your cap! People across the globe buy crafts like these with utter happiness.


  • Candle Holders


Candle Holders


In today’s world of LED lighting, candle lighting with a candle holder is usually considered as an antique piece. But, once you have a wonderful candlelight dinner with your loved ones with these candle holders, you might not get over it soon. Gift this experience to your friends by creating a creative candle holder out of wood or metal. Candle holders of lovely shapes and varied sizes are handmade in India for centuries. Would you not like to contribute to this ancient art?


  • Decorative Trays


Decorative Trays


This tabletop item makes your table look attractive and also makes it useful. You may have the decorative trays made of metal, wood, or plastic. By using your creativity you can tweak the designs of some old plates at your home to make these tabletop decorative trays. They can be used to hold tiny jewelry items on the dressing table.


Give a try to these fantastic handmade handicrafts and don’t miss a chance to surprise your loved ones on their special day!


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