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Essential Hand Tools For Woodworking

Mrudula Deodhar

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“It’s often the simplest of tools that get the toughest job done best”

That’s true for almost everything, isn’t it? Woodworking is no exception! 

Having a set of essential tools for woodworking is mandatory so that the wood supplies fall in the right hands and turn out to be at the right place.

Here is a list of top ten hand tools for woodworking:


1.The Measuring Tape


The Measuring Tape | bulb and key


Woodworking starts with measuring. Having a retractable measuring tape that is 25 meters long should be a good choice at the beginning. Having an even longer measuring tape is not recommended, because it gets difficult to handle it.


2.The Claw Hammer


The claw hammer | bulb and key


It is a two-headed wood-shop equipment. One head is rounded while the other is waffle-headed. The waffle-headed side of the claw hammer is used for construction and the rounded headed side is used to fix nails tight by hitting. A claw hammer is held in the hand on its grip, which is at the bottom. It is a heavy tool and should be handled with care while driving the nails into the wooden object. 




3.The Utility Knife


The Utility Knife | bulb and key


This is a tiny and handy tool that is essential while practicing woodworking basics. The blades of the knife are disposable and hence can be replaced with new ones. The grip of the knife has a slot where the knife blade retracts. This makes the tool safer to carry and handle for the woodworker. It is usually used for fine cutting of joints, etc.


4.The Chisel


The Chisel | bulb and key


This is another mandatory carpentry shop tool for every woodworker. It is used for cutting-out clean joints, cutting-out sides, and cutting saw cuts. It has a wooden grip at the bottom which can be held in the operating hand for cutting. The Chisels come in various sizes and should be used as per utility. Different sizes are used for varied purposes such as mortise work, door hinges, and wood carving. Since it is majorly used in wood carving, it is also considered as a wood shaping hand tool.




5.The Screw-Drivers


The Screw-Drivers | bulb and key


Screw-drivers come in sets or you may also choose to buy them separately. They vary in sizes and purposes. As a woodworker, you will need to buy flathead screwdrivers, Torx screwdrivers, and star screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are made up of soft metal and have a wooden or rubber grip at the bottom. You will need screwdrivers to drive in and drive out the screws in and out from the wood as and when required.


6.The Layout Square


The Layout Square | bulb and key


It is also called a rafter square. It is a commonly used tool for marking straight lines for an end cut. It is also used to mark angles up to 45 degrees. It is one of the easiest tool to be used. The usage can be done is a very faster and safer way. When in a woodshop, you may keep it handy in your back pocket.




7.The Nail Sets


The Nail Sets | bulb and key


A nail set is a metal piece with a taper. They are used to move nail heads in the wood so that they are right below the surface. They can also occupy the holes and make the wood surface ready for further aesthetic finishing like a painting. They come in several sizes and must be a part of every woodworker’s toolset. 


8.The Block Plane


The Block Plane | bulb and key


It is a tool that is also an essential element of every woodworker. It falls under the category of finish carpentry tools. It is used for removing slim shavings of wood from the surface. It is usually used for cleaning the edges of woodworks.




9.The Level


The Level | bulb and key


It is a tool that is used to check if the operational wood is perfectly vertical and/or horizontal. Levels come in different lengths as per the utility of the woodworker. At the initial stage, a 48” level is sufficient and proves to be easy to handle.


10.The Hand Saw


The Hand Saw | bulb and key


A good quality hand saw is at the heart of every woodworker. The hand saw adds tremendous value to your wood art. In the world of automation, where power saw has replaced the conventional hand saw, it is to be noted that hand saw has its own importance in woodworking. It is used to cut the wood into desired shapes and sizes. Depending upon the size of the operational wood, the size of the blade of the hand saw is to be changed.


These ten wood tools can prove to be a great woodworking kit for adults.

So woodworkers, with this wood tools list what wooden projects do you plan to take up? A wooden toy, a wooden study table, or a wonderful furniture piece?




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