Creative Origami Crafts for Kids

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Our kids are often very energetic and they keep doing some task or the other every now and then. How about channelizing their energies to learn and do something creative? Have you tried making origami crafts with your kids? Not only will your kids love it, but you as an adult will also have a fun time with them. Origami crafts are easy to make and not shabby. Also, you can make a variety of things ranging from geometrical shapes to birds and animals. There are origami craft books available in the online market for your kids to read and learn. So, let’s have a look at a few most creative origami crafts for kids.


  • Origami Animals


Origami Animals


It is just a matter of making a few paper folds smartly. By using suitable colorful papers for making origami crafts, you can make origami animals such as cat, dog, horse, etc. Origami whale making is even taught in schools and you can find its step-by-step making guide on the internet as- an easy origami whale. We as adults know it but, have we taught our kids to make frogs from paper? It would be so interesting to make that origami jumping frog and see our kids giggle!


  • Origami Birds


Origami Birds


You can easily make chirpy, colorful, and cute birds in origami crafts. Not only are they fun to make but are really very beautiful. You can either make them with papers having design or with plain papers; you may then make designs with sketch pens or colors. Once the birds are ready, origami bird magnets can be made by sticking a basic magnet to the origami birds. Make sure that the magnet does not weigh too much.


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  • Origami cartoons and characters


Origami cartoons and characters


All kids love to handle their favorite cartoons and characters. May it be in the form of a soft toy or just a picture. No doubt that your kids will be super excited to, themselves, make their favorite cartoon. Your girl child will be delighted to make an origami mermaid or an origami barbie doll. You may further decorate your origami mermaid craft with an origami crown for the doll. Not only for these dolls but for your baby girl as well, you can make the paper crown origami. They will be happy and excited to have them.


For your boy child, cartoons like origami Pikachu, origami ben10 characters, etc. will be a great choice. The Pikachu origami easy step by step guide on the internet can help your boys to make the Pikachu ready.


  • Origami Ring


Origami Ring


The easy origami rings can be made with just a few folds and they are absolutely amazing. By using bright colored paper, you can make nice origami rings. You can also use sketch pens and glitter pens to draw designs of your choice. This easy origami ring making activity can be done with your kids’ friends for them to have more fun time.


  • Origami Unicorn


Origami Unicorn


In our childhoods, we drew and painted unicorns. With creative development in the field of arts, origami unicorn easy are made. It can be made for a competition, or a school exhibition because the origami unicorn is extremely attractive and beautiful.


Origami crafts making is a fun activity for, the kids, the parents, and/or their siblings. Irrespective of age, everyone loves making origami crafts. When do you plan your origami craft day? This weekend?


We hope you have a crafty time with your kids!!


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