Christmas Crafts For Kids 2020

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"Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. "

- St. Augustine


With Christmas right around the corner it’s time to get immersed in the festive spirit with cosy clothes, warm drinks and most importantly some creativity. Crafting is a great way to spend time with your kids all year round, but there’s something special about Christmas crafts. Whether its DIY gifts, ornaments to decorate your tree or themed knick-knacks to transform your home to a personal winter wonderland, here are ten of the best Christmas crafts for kids – that parents can enjoy as well. 


  • 1)  Pom Pom Ornaments 


1)  Pom Pom Ornaments 


This is an easy DIY craft that can be customised according your preference and interests. Simply fill a clear plastic ornament with pom-poms and paint whatever you like – a penguin, elf, snowflake or even your favourite superhero- on the outside. An easy, quick and pretty Christmas ornament for your tree.


  • 2)  Tissue Paper Stain Glass


2)  Tissue Paper Stain Glass


Stain glass can be inexpensive and kid-friendly! Don’t believe it? Go classy and jazz up your windows with some stain glass artwork – simply using colourful tissue paper. Design colourful Christmas light shapes out of layered tissue paper and tape them to your window. When the lights shines through, marvel at the intriguing patterns and colours. 


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3)   Threaded bead ornaments and jewellery



Threaded bead ornaments and jewellery


With a handful of colourful beads and some pipe cleaners, you’ll have a Christmas craft that can entertain kids of all ages for hours on end. With just these simple materials, kids can make mini-wreaths, bracelets and other ornaments for their Christmas tree, just by threading and twisting.


  • 4)  Paper Reindeer 


  Paper Reindeer 


With only a few pieces of paper or thin cardboard cut into long strips you can fashion your own DIY Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Completely inexpensive yet absolutely fun to make, this is the perfect craft for a young crafter who you might not want to spend too much on for materials. 


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  • 5)   Paper Plate Santa/Christmas Tree 


 Paper Plate Santa/Christmas Tree 


Why let paper plates accumulated throughout the year go to waste when you could recycle them to save Christmas? With a paper plate you can bring Santa into existence or create your own tree. For the tree, simply paint the plate green and add pom poms or other decorations to imitate a Christmas tree in 2-D.To create the Santa face, get your child to cut out a circle shape for the head and a triangle for the hat. They can then glue cotton balls for the beard and the top of the hat. For the final touches draw eyes, a nose and add on plenty of glitter.


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  • 6)   Glitter Baubles 


Glitter Baubles 


Speaking of glitter, is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy throwing on some shimmers to brighten up a craft? All you need are clear plastic ornaments and some glitter confetti. Fill the ornaments with the various glitters and give your tree a bit of sparkle. Pro tip – throw in some white glitter to give the illusion of snow.


  • 7)  Felt Ornaments 


Felt Ornaments 


Felt is perfect for a beginner as well as an advanced crafter. If the child is young or just starting out with their crafting journey, they can use felt to make cute caricatures to decorate their chairs with. If they are more advanced, they can attempt some sewing with felt candy cane ornaments. For this, all they need to do need is cut out two candy cane shapes out of felt and sew them together. When you’re halfway done with the sewing , stuff the candy cane shape with cotton and then add the final stitches.


  • 8)  Handprint Christmas Wreath


Handprint Christmas Wreath


Get your child involved in creating holiday décor no matter how young they might be with these simple yet heart-warming wreaths. Trace their hands on a piece of paper, cut them out and fashion them into a circle. Add any extra details you want, such as berries or bows. Then hang them for the world to see! You can bring in some variations of this with a family handprint wreath. Instead of just your kid’s hands, trace the hands of all family members and make a circle out of it. You can even make a Christmas tree using this hand-print method by cutting out and arranging the hand shapes into a tree shape with the smallest hands on top and largest on the bottom.


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  • 9)  Salt Painting Christmas Art 


Salt Painting Christmas Art 


A little bit of science and a lot of Christmas magic makes this the perfect craft for kids of all ages and skill levels. Create a pattern with tape and paint around it, then sprinkling salt on the wet paint. When it dries, remove the tape and dust off the salt to reveal your masterpiece.


  • 10)   Hot Chocolate Bombs 


Hot Chocolate Bombs 


This has been all the rage in 2020! No Christmas is complete without some delicious hot cocoa to warm your bellies and your hearts. Hot chocolate bombs are a great cooking-crafting hybrid with mouth-watering results at the end. Make a chocolate “bomb” with melted chocolate spread into a circular mould to get half spheres. Once cooled, fill one of the spheres with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, candy and literally anything you can think of before fusing the two half spheres together with some melted chocolate. Your bomb is ready to be immersed in water for the hot cocoa of your dreams! 


  • Conclusion : 


With these crafts and more variations using exactly the same materials, your Christmas will be one of joyous togetherness and boundless imagination. Why not try them out yourself? 

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