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Jammu and Kashmir have a rich heritage of art and craft. The valley of Kashmir is known as the place for culture lovers. Many arts and crafts witness the rich culture in the state. 


A glimpse of the state’s art and craft heritage can also be seen in locals, from their utensils to clothes to furniture to jewelry. It reflects the master skills and dedication of the locals towards the traditional art and craft. 


The Kashmir has a decade-old rich tradition of creativity and art. Kashmir’s most famous handcrafted specialties include silk and Wool Carpets, Papier-mache Products, Pashminas, Silverware, Copperware, Embroidered shawls, and Wood. The city is considered as a treasure of art and crafts. 


While every region have their distinct specialty, but Kashmiri shawls, carpets, and silverware are recognized worldwide for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. 


The handicrafts are unique and are priced highly throughout the world. Another factor that promotes great crafts apart from culture is the weather, and the cold winters are responsible for people working indoors. Carpet-making is a time-consuming task, and they follow the Persian styles. 


Jammu and Kashmir’s market is also known as a dry fruit market and is worth checking out for silver and gold jewelry of traditional Dogri design. The nomadic ‘Bakarwals wear the designs,’ and the major craft in the Ladakh region is Tibetan Carpets. The Tibetan Carpets are priced reasonably and are durable as compared to Kashmiri or Persian carpets. 


If you are visiting, you can also look for Chang and tea-vessels, silver cups, and butter churns, which also serve as ornaments. 


Here is the list of popular arts and crafts of Jammu and Kashmir – 


  • Copperware Art in Kashmir –


Copperware Art in Kashmir


Kashmiri artisans were famous for their expressions in portray and first-rate information. Their work can be seen in a lot of artwork from principal Asia to Tibet. 


Copper was mined domestically from the mountains of Aismuqam in the Liddar valley of South Kashmir. The copper sources had stored a secret and were underneath country problems to protect them from Sikh invaders. 


It is believed that Zain-ul-Abedin led a peaceful existence to make his kingdom a paradise. 


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  • Hand-made Shawls of Kashmir –


Hand-made Shawls of Kashmir -


Did you know that a word shawl is derived from Persian ‘shal’ and it was the name given to a whole range of woolen garments? The Indian shawl is worn as a warm protective garment all over north India. 


Today, Kashmir has become synonymous with shawls all over the world. When the Mughal was ruling in India, Kashmir overtook the North-West Frontier and Punjab, as the center of shawl making. 


Even Mughal Emperor, Akbar was much enamored by the Kashmiri shawls and way it was worn, captured his imagination. He experimented with several ways of wearing the shawl, and he found that it looked excellent worn without folds. 


  • Carpet Weaving in Kashmir –


Carpet Weaving in Kashmir -


The assembled carpets of Kashmir are well known all over the world. Despite being costly, Kashmiri rugs have a deep-rooted venture. They are of high quality and are never tufted.

The art of weaving did not start in Kashmir. Instead, it has been obtained from Persia. Till today, most of the outlines are particularly Persian with the neighborhood.


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  • Wood Carving Art in Kashmir –


Wood Carving Art in Kashmir -


Walnut is the most recognized wood utilized for craving. Kashmir is vital for India, where the walnut tree develops. It’s shading, grain, and sheen are extraordinary and are of the best quality. 


Walnut wood from the root is dark, and the grain is articulated than the wood of the storage compartment. The branches have a lighter shade, blonde, and have no detectable grain. 


  • Where to buy Handicrafts and other items in Jammu and Kashmir 



In every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir, you can find a trace of rich heritage. There are small to large shops in almost every popular attraction of Jammu and Kashmir selling Pashmina shawls and carpets. 


Here are the best places for shopping in Jammu and Kashmir – 


  • Srinagar – Kashmiri Handicraft and Pashmina
  • Anantnag – Brass and Copper Crafts 
  • Budgam – Kashmiri Embroidered Clothes and Jewelry 
  • Gulmarg – Pashmina Shawls and Scarves and Embroidered Clothes 
  • Pahalgam – Woolens, Carpets, Kaftans, Namaz Prayer Rugs, and Kashmiri Handicrafts 


So what are you waiting for? If you are an art connoisseur, explore the richness of arts and handicrafts of Jammu and Kashmir. 


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