Best Types Of Wood For Hand Carving


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"The years teach much which the days never know. "

- Ralph Emerson


There is no doubt that wood has many species, and it is crucial to know its characteristics. Each wood has a different texture and wood quality that tell how the wood will respond to the craving. 


Wood carving is a rewarding and positive hobby, and it can also become a lucrative career. It is one of the oldest crafts in the world and is functional and artistically beautiful. All types of woods can be used for carving, which gives the craft a good finish. 


  • Different Types of Wood for Hand Carving – 


  • Basswood 


Hand Carving


It is the most popular choice of wood for beginners. This white wood grows throughout Europe and America. It has been used in woodworking for centuries and is popular in lower-cost musical instruments. 


This type of wood is also used in woodwinds, and electric basses and guitars. These can be found easily and great wood to carve on since it is malleable and inexpensive. 


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  • Aspen 




Aspen is another white wood that is popular among woodworkers. It is stronger than basswood but is soft, so it is easy to use for carving. This wood is available and inexpensive. 


  • Butternut




Butternut is also good for wood carving and is browner than basswood or aspen and has a nice grain. It is related to walnut but is lighter in color and can be carved easier. Like black walnut, butternut polishes quite nicely and is a good choice for furniture. 


It is a softer wood. Hence it is friendly for beginners, so be prepared for wormholes when working with butternut. 


  •  Black Walnut 


 Black Walnut 


Black Walnut is a popular choice and is more expensive than basswood, and aspen. It should be carved using sharp tools and a mallet for the best results. It has a rich color and grain that is popular for a wide range of products, including furniture and gunstocks. 


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  • Oak  




Oak is a popular wood for carving with several features that makes it quite ideal. It is strong and sturdy wood and is the most favorite for making furniture. 


A power carver uses different types of hand tool carver. With power, you can easily carve a hardwood and get good furniture. 


  • Balsa Wood 


Balsa Wood 


Balsa wood is the softest wood ever recorded on the Janka Hardness scale. And as a result, it is easy to work as a hand carver. If you ever had a model airplane or similar craft kit with thin, lightweight wooden pieces, it is made from Balsa. 


If you are a beginner, then Balsa is a great choice since it is lightweight and it is easy to make accurate cuts given the softness of the wood. It comes with a light white/cream color, a good option to paint or stain. 


However, there are a couple of disadvantages of Balsa one, such as it depends on where you live, and it will be harder to find from where it has been sourced. 


Balsa grows primarily in South and Central America. And another thing to keep in mind that it is so lightweight, that you may want to make utensils with it. 


Overall, it is an interesting wood that is very easy to use, but if it doesn’t grow around you, then another type of wood is recommended. 


  • Cedar (Eastern Red) 


Cedar (Eastern Red) 


Cedar is harder than the woods mentioned above, and this will be the first wood that is recommended to an intermediate level. It is the most colorful wood and is in reddish-pink and slightly darker shades of purple. 


The best part about this wood is that it smells amazing. It has a wonderful scent that is rich, sweet, and crisp. 


Here is our take on the different types of wood. What do you think? Did we miss anything? 


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