Beginners Guide To Basket Weaving

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"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. "

- Bruce Lee


Basket weaving or basket making is the process of weaving pliable materials into two or three-dimensional artifacts such as mats or containers. Basket weaving is a great hobby that can add beautiful looks in your house and increase your productivity. In this blog, you will see a Beginners Guide to Basket Weaving to let you get started with and create useful things.


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Randing | Bulb And Key


It is the easiest and beautiful form of basket weaving. You just need to follow one rule start weaving just under one stake, then over to next, then under and go on. You need to choose between odd and even stakes as if you are working around continuously, go with odd no. of stakes to make the pattern come up in the second row just as the reverse of the first. And in even no. of stakes, you need to use two different weavers. First, the weaver will do the same task as mentioned above and then the second weaver will start from the space to the left of the first weaver’s starting point and go on. Lastly use the two weavers alternatively for making a good pattern. 


NOTE: This method requires a large amount of patience and strength and often used for large areas of weaving.


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Pairing | Bulb And Key


Are you interested in making round and oval bottoms? Pairing is specifically for that purpose. It can be done by taking the left-hand weavers of the two over the other which in result behind the stake and then front again. These are essential steps you need to repeat with each weaver alternatively. It is not a good choice for siding but it can be used as an alternate of top wale


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Waling | Bulb And Key


It is one of the best methods of weaving which is mainly used at intervals to command the shape of baskets specifically at the top.  Moreover, it always used at the starting and designing of the sides of the baskets after your base process is finished. Wailing is a process of setting up the stakes using three rods into their right position which is commonly considered as upsetting.


Border treatments


Border treatments | Bulb And Key


The border is one of the things that is the first noticeable feature. It follows the step where tidying off the tops of the stakes is done once the weaving is finished and then they need to bent down and tucked in. Do it with more care and patience as it is the display part of your basket


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And a piece of friendly advice: 


long stakes | Bulb And Key


Always prefer over-estimation of the length of stakes you need as long stakes can be cut down but cannot be added on.




Basket weaving has several techniques and some things you need to take care of. A hobby as Basket weaving is really good as you can make really beautiful and useful things with it. So in the blog, all the techniques like Randing, Paring, and others with some notes and advice are mentioned so you do not get any trouble in handling basket weaving. 


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