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If you think of products made out of unique materials, we’re sure the word coconut will come almost last to your mind. After all, it isn’t common to spot products made out of coconuts in the market, even after all these years. You’ll mostly only find them in specialty art and handicraft stores. 


In India, coconuts are widely used, not only as holy offerings in temples but also as a regular food item. It is a vital ingredient in a variety of Indian cuisine and hence is found in almost all Indian homes, especially in South India. In fact, people in the coastal regions of the country have started to use coconuts beyond edible purposes. 


Yes, we are talking about daily-use, basic products made out of coconuts which are not only eco-friendly but are also lightweight yet durable and attractive. Due to increased awareness among people about using green, sustainable products and reducing the use of plastic products, many handicraft artists and manufacturers are creating and selling beautifully designed coconut shell products like coconut shell furniture, coconut shell keychains, coconut shell cutlery, and much more at affordable prices. There is a very good demand for these products which only keeps increasing every year. 


From home decor to even jewelry items made from the sturdy coconut shells, there is something for everyone in this unique art-form. Whether you want to buy them or make them yourself at home, here are some beautifully designed coconut shell products that you must possess :


  • Coconut Shell Cups


Coconut Cups


Leave those plastic cups behind and opt for cute little coconut shell cups. These are tough and leak-proof, so there is zero spillage. What a wonderful way to have your tea or coffee! Coconut shell cups are available in a variety of sizes which you can check online. For the DIY lovers, you can watch some coconut shell cup making tutorials and have a go at creating your own cups. 


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  • Coconut Shell Pot Plants


Pot Plants


Your cozy garden at home is about to get more natural with coconut shell pot plants!  These are available in various intricate designs at most nurseries and will definitely give your garden a lovely touch. 


  • Coconut Shell Craft Lamps


Craft lamps


Coconut shell craft lamps are beautifully carved into different designs, and have all the wires and lights attached inside them. They look even more stunning than the regular lamps you’ve seen or have used before. What’s even better is that coconut shell craft lamps are sturdy hence unbreakable and are also quite inexpensive.


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  • Coconut Shell Jewellery


Coconut Jewellery


One of the best and most attractive products in this list has to be coconut shell jewellery. Just like regular metal or plastic jewellery, coconut shells too are made into beautiful, long-lasting jewellery pieces like coconut shell earrings, coconut shell bracelets, anklets, charms and coconut shell necklaces. 


  • Coconut Shell Painting


Coconut SHell Painting


A coconut shell painting in your home will instantly brighten up the walls. We’re talking about coconut shells that are painted onto with beautiful colors and designs. You can start with making a coconut shell painting yourself and even give some to your loved ones, as these are perfect eco-friendly gift items. 


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  • Coconut Shell Furniture


Coconut Shell furniture


If you want to level up your eco-friendly game, then opting for coconut shell furniture is the way to go. It is usually mixed with a different wood like teak wood, palm wood, etc. to give the furniture the same toughness and durability of regular metal furniture. Most popular coconut shell furniture includes coconut-shell tables, coconut shell chairs and storage cabinets. 


  • Coconut Shell Spoons and Forks 


Coconut Shell Spoons and Forks 


It is high-time we all started using eco-friendly cutlery, like the coconut shell spoons and forks which can be found in many artistic, handicraft and home-decor stores. They are much lighter and better for regular use. 


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  • Coconut Shell Bowls


Coconut Shell Bowls


For people who want to opt for greener, sustainable products, but don’t know where to start, coconut shell bowls are a great idea to do so. These are available in different sizes and are simple, reusable products that also make for good gift items. 


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