"If you can dream it, you can do it. "

- Walt Disney


“Decorating golden rule: Live with what you love.” —Unknown


Living with what you love is the happiest way to live. To start with being happy, we must make our environment like our house a happy and beautiful place. Beautifying and decorating our homes has been the goal of our macramé artist, Priyanka Mathur.


Trying out different types of art such as DIY’s and crafts have been her hobby since she was a child. As time passed this craving for art grew with time. Priyanka did her Undergraduate diploma in Fashion design from NiFT. She found a similar interest with her husband in the field of art. It all started one fine weekend morning when she and her husband were sipping their first cup of tea for the, discussing our plans for the weekend. During that time they realised how many days it has been since both of them had worked on any art project recently.


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Priyanka had tried different types of art in the past, macramé specifically held her interest. She had created a few products with this art in her college days. Coincidentally, there was a macramé project lingering in her mind for a couple of days. She discussed it with her husband. To her surprise, he too had been thinking about a similar project.


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Excited, they ordered few macramé yarns online, they soon arrived and their journey began. It was at this time that her husband got a brilliant idea. He suggested her to starting her range of macramé products. This idea grabbed her attention and then there is no stopping thereafter.


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Priyanka started Ostrings attached in December 2019. With unconditional support from her husband, whom she thanked for being her backbone, everything was possible. The first macramé home décor product she made for her husband’s friend was a name board. Oh, what an amazing response she received for it.


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This never-ending journey has been meticulously planned. The next goal for our home décor artist is to have a business. A company that can provide employment. Especially for underprivileged women and help make them independent. Priyanka also encourages entrepreneurs to take the opportunity they receive. Making the most of this opportunity is the goal. Facing hurdle is part of the journey. Regardless, don’t let it stop you from achieving your dreams.


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