7 Best Scented Candles Available In India

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A candle is an ignitable wick embedded in wax used by almost everyone on different kinds of occasions, and most often people tend to use scented candles for a good environment, you use these candles in homes for the good smell, mood and they are warm and friendly. In this blog, you will see 7 Best scented candles available in India which you can give the first choice when thinking to use one.


1. Moon River


moon river


It is one of the coziest and classy scented candles available in India. The fragrance of these candles is mesmerizing and extraordinary which can make your home and mood fresh. It offers many other fragrances(Cannelle with Cinnamon, etc) to consumers from which they can choose according to their needs.


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2. Bergamot Water Scented Candle


Water scented candles


This candle is a combination of beauty and amazing smell. It is a three-wick candle that has a wonderful mix of sandalwood, citrus, and bergamot which results in an immensely good smell. Moreover, It comes in attractive blue glass which increases the interest of the consumer.


3. Niana



It is one of the favorites of all the lovers of scented candles. It offers you pleasing scents of aromatic flowers, luscious fruits, and exotic spices , made from natural soy wax which makes it more special. Every lover needs to buy this for experiencing heaven on the earth.


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4. Bombay Perfumery Pondicherry Yellow Candle


Bombay Perfumery Pondicherry Yellow Candle


These are the candles that can satisfy your demand for sensing the most beautiful smell. It is mainly available with fragrances like cinnamon, ginger, and myrrh. This is classic candles and can be available at any scented candle shop.


5. Kama Ayurveda


Kama Ayurveda


Most of the people want organic candles which will not harm their health. This is100%organic candle with less smoking and slow-burning helps to calm your mood and mind and provide relaxation to your senses. Kannauj rose and Madurai Jasmine are some of the great classic scents that are available. Moreover, eco-friendly wax is used.


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6. House Of Things Svarupa Candle Set


6.House Of Things Svarupa Candle Set


This is perfect for gifting purpose. It comes with a great scent and placed inside a marble case which makes it more beautiful. This relaxes your mind and refreshes your mood.


 7. Good Earth


Good Earth


It mostly comes in decorative and amazing glass holders which can be Recycled and reused once the candle burns out. It offers you a great smell and looks. Moreover, consumers get fragrance options like green tea, jasmine, green fig, and tuberose.


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Candles  make lifes easy and sometimes enjoy it. Just grab a good bundle of scented candles and decorate your living style using them . In this blog all kinds of Best scented candles are mentioned which are available in India , so when you go out in the market have a search for them. 


Dhanshree lakka

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