7 Best Newspaper Craft Ideas

Dhanshree lakka

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- Joseph Campbell


Holidays always make a good vibe of learning new things every day, and some people love to utilize this time in making crafts. Crafts have been a good thing to be more creative and explore your hidden talents. But what could be some craft ideas out of Newspapers ?. In this blog, you will see 7 Best Newspaper craft ideas which will help you out for some creativity. 


1. Craft Fan




This can be very useful in summers and also very easy to make. This craft gives a new look to the newspaper as well as you can use your time productively rather than spending it by sitting ideal. A beginner should try this craft as it is easy, useful and attractive.


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2. Newspaper Flower Bouquet




Who doesn’t like floral? A newspaper can be used to make a beautiful floral bouquet. It is one of the beautiful and attractive crafts for honoring someone as they can be used in birthdays, parties, etc. Recyclable and Long-lasting are some of the pros of this craft.


3. Photo Frame


photo frame


Photo frames can be the best gifts for friends and family. You can make different types of photo frames by the newspaper.  Different patterns and styles can make the photo frames more attractive and you can use your time for productive work.


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4. Christmas special




Think about making various decorative items with newspapers for the Christmas tree and you can modify it according to your concern. Reasonable and recyclable items will make your Christmas party look 10 times more attractive and no harm to the environment.


5. Shimmer tree


Shimmer tree


Looking for something to decorate the house? A shimmer tree is one of the best options to decorate your house. You just need to make a tree with the help of newspapers and edges sprayed with glitters and thus offer a very gentle and attractive look.


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6. Newspaper Birds


Newspaper Birds


It is one of the favorite and easiest crafts among people. Every beginner should try to make this. Birds can be made through newspapers which can be stuck into a nice background or just a bunch of birds hanging in the door. 


7. Newspaper Carrot


Newspaper carrot


It is one of the unique uses of newspapers as well can be used as a decorative item at home. A basket full of newspaper carrots or any other thing can be considered as magnificent. Try to make this unique art of newspaper and enjoy it.


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The use of  newspapers is a great source for recycling and who thought that old newspapers could  turn into such productive things and get your creative talent out through making crafts , you can make so many different things using newspapers and enjoy the creativity of yours. In this blog all creative ideas are mentioned so whenever you find a newspaper and don’t know what to do , just see and start your creativity.



Dhanshree lakka

Story By:

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