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5 Best Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas You Will Love

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Being eco- friendly or environment friendly is getting more important by the day. Today one must be extremely cautious while buying materials like plastic, aerosol cans, polystyrene, etc. These products are affecting our planet and one must avoid using them at all costs. Eco-friendly products ensure safety from harmful chemicals and materials. Using eco-friendly products improves the quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases, and illnesses. 


Crafts can be fun and enjoyable to do with your kids or even by yourself. Replacing usual craft items and using eco-friendly alternatives like reusable plastic staps, the recycled paper would be great for the planet.


Here are some amazing eco-friendly craft ideas you can try.


  •  Rag Rug


 Rag Rug


A rag rug is a fun craft you can do to add a pop of color in your bedroom. It can also be placed outside the bathroom or in the kitchen. A rag rug can be easily made using household items like old T-shirts (which are too worn out to donate), old sheets, assorted fabric scraps, and some strong twine.


To make this rag rug handicraft, take a fabric as your base, the base should be sturdy and should be cut to size. Then take a T-shirt and cut into small equal strips. Place the strips on the base horizontally one after the other in a line and sew it up. Repeat the process for the rest of the lines, and there you have it a beautiful DIY rug.


You can also brade or weave a rag rug. For this, take 2/3 T-shirts and cut them into long strips from bottom to the top. Take 3 of these trips together and make it in a hair plate-like the design. Attach 3 more strips to the strips used before. Keep repeating the process until all the stripes are combined into one long roll of t-shirt plate. Take the long plate and glue it together while placing it in a circular spiral. And your brading DIY rag rud is ready.


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  •  Fabric Gift Bags


Fabric Gift Bags



In this world of harmful plastic, it is a great idea to make and use DIY fabric bags that can be used for gifting or rather for everyday use as well. Fabric gift packs can look very pretty and you won’t need to buy gift wrapping paper and secure it with cello tape. This is an eco-friendly alternative.


You will need items like an old T-shirt/ Fabric, ribbon, safety pins, needle, and thread.


Take a fabric sheet of any size according to your preference and place it horizontally on the table. Take any two sides of the fabric and place it on the other 2 corners. Take a needle-thread and sew the fabric together to secure it. Now, make a small fold on the bottom and sew it to secure it. Now you will have a closed bag with 3 sides shut and with the top open. Take a ribbon of any color and place it on the circumference of the top opening. Take the top part and fold it below to hold the ribbon in-between it. Sew the bag from all sides. This cute fabric bad is ready. Place your gift items in it and pull the ribbon and tie a knot to secure your items.


  • Crochet Garland.


Crochet Garland.


A crochet leaf garland is a fun DIY project and can be used to decorate. You can place it around a plate or hand it outside your door. Crochet garlands can be in a variety of designs like a simple green leaf, maple tree leaf, flowers, etc. 


To make a crochet leaf garland, try to use a stretchy yarn. You can also use cotton, linen, or hemp. You can get these in single or multiple colors. 


Take the first yarn and make a chain of 5, join the next stand and using the slip stitch technique and make 20 and join the third yarn. Repeat this process until you get the desired spate and size. After all the leaves are ready to take another piece of yarn and stitch it together according to your liking. 


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  •  Eco- friendly Flowers


 Eco- friendly Flowers


You can make colorful flowers of different colors and different types that are environmentally friendly. You can use these flowers to decorate around your household shrine or make it as a room decoration. You can also make multiple flowers and give them to your loved ones.


You can make these flowers using simple materials like newspapers, glue or any kind of paper you have. These flowers are very simple to make. Take a 7*7 small paper square and cut it into a flower shape. Take another paper and cut a small circle in it and place it in the flower. You can also cut multiple rose petal-like shapes from paper and place them on one another to make a rose.


This craft is very easy to make and you can be as creative and abstract as you want by making a variety of flowers using different colors.


  •  Candy Wrapper Purse


 Candy Wrapper Purse


You can make adorable purses using your favorite candy wrappers. The bag can be of any size. The bigger the bag, the more candies you will have to eat.


This DIY bag could like some time and patience to make, but the results are amazing. You will need candy wrappers, sheets on newspapers, clear tape, a zipper, string, part of fabric, scissors, needle, and thread. 


Cut newspaper into 4*5 inch rectangles and take a piece of tape and candy wrapper and mount that on the purse and do this will all your candy wraps. Take the rectangle and told it on the outside with the candy wrapper outside and fold it into a way that other pieces of candy wrappers can be secured to the first one. Keep repeating the process. After making a strip of attached candy wrappers link the other strips and connect them using a thread. Make sure it is very secure. Attach the 2 ends and sew in the bottom as well. Attach the zipper and your cute, quirky wrapper is ready.


These eco-friendly craft ideas are very fun and you can explore your creativity by adding your touch to it. You can customize these items the way you like it and also not worry about harming the planet in any way. We recommend you to start using eco-friendly products in your everyday life. Go Green !


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