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Simple Tips To Grow Unlimited Supply Of Lemons In Your Own Garden

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Lemon is one of the adaptable fruits that is widely used in many recipes, it just adds more taste to food. You can easily grow lemons at home as it does not require much effort like other fruits. So this blog will give you a brief idea about the process of growing and how to take care of lemons. 




India is one of the largest producers of limes and lemon in the world approx three millions tonnes per annum(which is quite big). Today, lemon is the primary source of  income which leads to profits of more than 2 crores. Best time to grow lemon is during monsoon seasons.  It takes 4 years to grow lemon trees from seed .As stated before it does not require high cost , effort and time but high returns can be expected.

“Eureka” lemons are the type you most commonly find in the grocery store.

Major states that grow lemon in India are Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra,Gujarat,Tamil nadu and Bihar


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There are mainly two types of lemon trees varieties :”STANDARD AND DWARF”


Standard lemon trees:


Standard Lemon | Bulb And Key 

15-20 feet tall can be considered as a standard lemon tree which must be grown outside the house . 

People have misconception that lemon tree cannot be grown inside the house but they are capable of 


Dwarf lemon trees:


Dwarf Lemon | Bulb And Key


This variety of plant does not grow as tall and big as a standard lemon tree ,but they are small which grows in a pot.


NOTE: The Pot (go for clay pot as it allows water to evaporate from the sides) that you use for Dwarf lemon trees must be at least 25% bigger than the root ball of the lemon tree.


So you need to choose according to your concern whether you want to grow a tall or dwarf variety of lemon tree.






Sunlight Lemon | Bulb And Key


It generally requires a lot of sunlight like around 7-8 hours which is mainly a requirement for lemon trees to grow well. So you need to consider place before plotting the pot where an efficient amount of sunlight is available.


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Watering 2 | Bulb And Key


Lemon tree asks for regular watering apart from sunlight.It requires less water  in winter as compared to summer season.Although overwatering or underwatering leads the leaves to turn into yellow colour and aged.




Humidity1 | Bulb And Key


Lemon trees will survive at a humidity level of 50% and required temperatures between 50 °F to 82 °F  and it can grow beautifully in cold weather also.


  • SOIL


Soil Lemon | Bulb And Key


Lemon trees do not require any specific soil; they can grow well  in any type of soil with good drainage, but loamy or sandy loam soils can be taken into consideration for better growth.




fertilizer | Bulb And Key


It plays an important role in boosting the growth of lemon trees . You can use special fertilizers which are specifically made for citrus plants.Choosing the right fertilizer can work in your favour.


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Pruning and pinching | Bulb And Key


Pruning means trimming away the overgrown branches and Pinching means removing the main stem and forcing the plant to grow two new stem by pinching a plant. So these methods play an equally important role for good growth of lemon trees. NOTE(extreme pruning leads to low quality lemons)




Harvesting | Bulb And Key


Last but not the least check whether lemons have matured or not , we can also check if lemons are heavy,yellow and soft




Lemon is something that has its own crucial role in the ecosystem as well as food culture . Growing them is simple but you also need to follow some caring  advice with them , the tips that are suggested above will purely help you get lots of lemon all the time you need. 


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