Impact of Social Media on Freelancer

Nitika Sethi

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"Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win. "

- Bernadette Devlin


Social Media – A freelancer friend for life!


Social media is one of the most effective channels & is a great way to connect with new people, a place to find many potential clients, promote products & services, and forums to interact.


For freelancers, networking is very important as it helps in interacting with others, lets you exchange information, and build up professional & social contacts. For freelancers, the social media platform act as mainstream to marketing and reaches out to more people.


Importance of networking for a freelancer, which in turn provides value for their business:

  1. To build a credible presence
  2. To attract new clients or find new clients
  3. To strengthen up your current skills
  4. Let’s you know what’s trending the most


Embrace social media as if it is your best friend and find the best social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest best for you and stick to it.


  • Which Social media platform you use?


Social media platform


Choosing social media platforms depends on the type of business and whom you want to attract and what you want to achieve from social media. Each social media platform has its own flavor and protocols.


  • LinkedIn




One of the best social media platforms for networking and to showcase your knowledge. LinkedIn focused on the business community. This platform has the benefit of low expectations as the users of this platform don’t expect you to post regular updates. You can add an industry-related post in a few days is enough to get you some attention.


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  • Facebook




One of the largest social networks for generating brand awareness and building a great fan following.  Facebook groups provide value to your audience who are interested in knowing your products and services. You’ll build trust reputation and loyal audience or customers. The way you manage your Facebook pages or groups will determine if these audiences turn into your paying clients. If you’re one of the freelancers who’d like to manage social media or create Facebook pages for clients, then creating your own page is mandatory.


  • Instagram




One of the most creative platforms. Whatever you do, wherever you are, you can just capture the moment and create the content that will grab the attention of your audience. With this platform, give your audience a reason to follow you, and if they like and value your creativity, they may even get in touch with you!


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  • Pinterest




Pinterest has become an extremely effective platform where many people are searching for inspiration every day. With Pinterest, you can add text along with your images to tell your audience about your offering, but you have to be clear on your offering and who you are attracting, and if you get this right, more people will discover you.


  • Twitter




Twitter is a free microblogging site that allows the audience to broadcast short posts as tweets with only 140 Characters. It’s a place for opinions and news and to offer solutions. On Twitter, you can search for your industry #hashtags and follow the trends that lead back to your audience. Sharing your knowledge on twitter will definitely get you noticed.


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  • YouTube




Youtube is one of the best social networks to put up a visual portfolio or some short videos that might help your prospects. YouTube is the third most popular social site on the internet.


  • Engagement- Key Ingredient of All Social media


social network


With all your social media efforts, there is one thing that needs to happen throughout, and that is customer engagement. The key to social media marketing is Engagement. Without engagement, all your effort and time is nothing.


With keeping engagement in mind, all your social network content needs to have a way for people to engage with your content. Your content should catch the eye of the audience and ask then to take action without a second look.


Social media is an essential part of a freelancer’s success, and the more you do it on one or two particular platforms, the more you will get to know your audience and also helps in driving the positive outcome and establish long term relationships with your audience.


Social media is an excellent platform to promote your services and telling about what you can do. A social media presence can help freelancers build better build a long-lasting client relationship that benefits them monetarily over the long term.


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  • Social Media is a Key of the successful Freelancer’s daily life


Social media networks


Social media represent a powerful marketing tool, brand promotion, and an avenue towards brand loyalty for your customer base. Freelancers who wish to succeed, work for a long term and communicative that requires social media. Social media networks make it easy to maintain long-term client relations, seek the new ones, and social media has more staying power of freelancer’s products & services.


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Nitika Sethi

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