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How Can Experienced Freelancers Help New Bie Freelancers

Karmjeet Singh

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"Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free. "

- Paul Tillich


It was December 2019 when I finally decided to take up the Writing.

“They say behind Success of Man there is always a Woman”.

This goes with apt with my Journey of becoming a writer too. She’s is a batchmate of mine as we both are pursuing Masters currently.

As a newbie, it was Always on my bucket list to become a writer who can express his thoughts

weaved through the magic of words and present it on platter.


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My Evolving Journey as a writer would suffice to the topic how Experienced Writers can help newbie writers like me.

I love poems so initially I started it Writing poems. I used to share my work among friends and batch mates and would get amazing feedbacks. This brought an enlightenment that I too can become an Established Writer.

I have always believed that a pint of Appreciation can stretch you beyond your limits.

LinkedIn became an overnight choice to share my posts because I was able to connect with writers from all over the world.


Being in the midst of Established Writers always brought a sensation with came my First Learning.


First learning | Bulb and key


You need to Diversify yourself in terms of what you write

What I realized was I need to shift my focus from poems to articles.

I found myself with lots of curiosity just like any other new writer would feel.


There came an another learning,


second learning | Bulb And Key


To evolve as a writer you need to be persistent and Just start writing.

Four people who would always be my foundation to success being an Absolute critique are as follows:-

Harneet Kaur, Founder & CEO of WritersNextDoor.

Harsha Mahato

Kausturi Chakrabarti

Geetapriya Iyer.

Still, curious about to proceed further. Almighty gave me an opportunity be a part of University Blog. Here I would thank Sonal Sharma Mam for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Happenings@LPu.


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My third learning came from here,


Third learning | Bulb And Key


You need to constantly look for opportunities to make sure you end up at right place

One fine day, I came across a post from a Renowned writer Hardik Lashkari, Founder of Content Flavor & Vagisha Arora, Top 10 LinkedIn Writers in the world, that they are forming a WhatsApp Group to nourish newbie writers like me.

This brought a gush of emotions because I started imaging myself from a fresher to Established Freelancer.


My fourth learning came along,


fourth learning | Bulb And Key


Take Help from the ones who have expertise to make you climb your ladder of Success.

With each passing day, there were new learnings coming along.


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My fifth learning,


Five learning | Bulb And Key


All the Successful writers had struggled like you so you are on right track.

Every day there would be new members adding by some established while many newbies.


My sixth learning through the journey,


six learning | Bulb And Key


Don’t let the one single post effect you. There may be times when you won’t receive likes & comments. That’s absolutely fine.

There came another learning from one of the post shared where it was a grammatical error from a writer


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My Seventh learning popped up,


seven learining | Bulb And Key


Writers are humans after all.

It is generally difficult for many of us to connect with people. But for me it’s easy.


My Eight learning brings a solution to it.


eight learning | Bulb And Key


To make a connection through E-meet. It’s important you devote time by commenting on others posts.

I decided to take up my passion into part-time Profession alongside my job.

I knew it won’t be easy


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Just then my biggest learning of life came along through webinar of Vagisha Arora.


webinar | Bulb And Key


This webinar made me learn nuances to get into the field of content writing as a profession.

My learnings from the webinar are summed up below:-


  •         Research well before Writing on any topic.
  •         Write efficiently catering to the clients.
  •         Delivering work on time.
  •         Building portfolios on a Google Drive so that you can present your new clients when they ask for it.
  •         Experiment with your writing styles.
  •         You should look for getting Organic leads from LinkedIn or Facebook Groups than freelancing platforms.
  •         Bring creativity because copy writing all about the same.
  •         As a fresher, Building strong portfolio is very important than focusing on money.
  •         Feedbacks from fellow writers & clients would nurture you to become a better writer.


When you take up something there are few precautions also that one needs to take. My tenth learning came with that which was


Ten learning | Bulb And Key


Don’t take too many projects at one time


To conclude,


I would sum up all my learnings into final learning.

Make Pratice as your buddy,

You will never look back here after.

Writing is an art,

That will evolve with time

Will let you always shine.

Thank you Whole team of My Beautiful Family Content Community for all the learnings for me which is no less than a treasure.


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Karmjeet Singh

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