10 Best Work From Home Jobs In India 2020

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In India work from home jobs are taking a boom day by day, students and even adults who have been a professional prefer work from home rather than an office job, as it provides flexibility in work and you get even more time for doing your job. Most of the students prefer part-time – online work from home jobs so that they can focus on studies as well. In this blog, you will see the top 9  Best work from home jobs available in India.


1.Ad reading jobs.


Ad Reading


It is one of the most common and simplest jobs from home jobs. In this type of job one just gets money for viewing the advertisement and is known as pay to click site. The type of advertisement which you need to view varies from website to website and one can earn good money from this work from home job.


2.Online Data Entry Operator.

 Data entry


This job requires you to do a fixed set of data entry work and it can be termed as a simple and boring job where you only get the comfort of work from home but earning is limited or small as compared to the time you invest in it. Most of the students go for this job as it does not require fixed knowledge.


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3.Online Tutor


online tutoring


This is a new trend of study and definitely comfortable for tutors and students. It is a good profit-making career option. It requires knowledge and good teaching skills. There are many websites which offer the same and people can earn a lot from this work from home job.


4.Travel Agent




It basically does not require specific knowledge. You just need to link yourself with one of the online portals like make my trip, EaseMyTrip, etc. The person who is associated with this type of business gets the commission per ticket booking.  Starting your own home-based travel agency can also be another option for earning.


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5.Freelance Writer


Writer freelancing


One of the best work from home job for writers or who have writing proficiency. This job will help you to earn according to your writing skills. There are many websites that offer online writing jobs. It is a perfect job for making a writing career and content writing is also a trending job within students.


6.Captcha work



It can be termed as good work from home job which does not require much knowledge but speed. This job will offer you interesting captcha which you need to solve for which you will be paid. The speed of solving the captcha will regulate your earning. CaptchaTypers, MegaTypers, etc are some of the websites which offer you this job. 


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7.Virtual Assistant


Virtual assistants


Another interesting work from home job is Virtual Assistant where you will work as an assistant virtually and do tasks like data entry, typing, and answering emails , organizing calendars meetings or making arrangements, etc. The Payment process varies from website to website, some pay on an hourly basis and others monthly basis.


8.Online Survey 


Online surveys


A person who likes to give advice or opinions is perfect for these types of jobs, it asks you to complete small surveys with feedback. You will get paid for every survey you do(varies from company to company) It does not require much time and you can earn a good amount by giving your 5 minutes. Swagbucks offer you the same.


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9.Web Developer


Web Design


A person with an IT background can opt for this job. This type of job requires high programming and technical knowledge. Many websites also provide online projects or you can also assist your own business by creating an attractive website. One can also go for a technical course for opting for this type of job.



 hire translator


Last but not least Translator job. A person who has knowledge of different languages can go for this job. This job requires translation of one language to another or which clients ask for. It also asks you to translate documents or check any translated documents. You can earn a good amount from this job and they are available on any online work portal.


  • Conclusion


Work can be done in any form but when you want flexibility work from home is best, these are the best work from home domain jobs that you can do in India right now whether you prefer to be a Writer, a Translator, Online tutor or anything, these workers have their own demand. Most importantly you will never be monitored for your activities like a web developer is the best example if we consider breaks in between work. So find what you are interested in and Hop-In.


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