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10 Best Applications For Freelancers In 2020

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"We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same. "

- Anne Frank


Most of the people get themselves self-employed and choose their own employers, they have their own working hours and many things as they wish, they do not particularly stay with one employer for long terms. This flexibility of work is known as freelancing and those who do it are called freelancers.

The majority of the people in freelancing belong to IT background and most of their skills are web development, programming or legal cases.

If you are planning to do freelancing, you need a platform where you can present yourself or advertise yourself and get some clients or employees to start work with. This blog will get you introduced with the majority of best applications which can help you in your freelancing career. 


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They are as follows:


  1. Pocket


Pocket | Bulb And Key


This app helps with managing important information that can be used later.

 Freelancers can snatch more time for their research as this app helps to list the important links and resources which are useful for your projects or assignments.


  1. Todist


Todist app | Bulb And Key


 Todist app helps users to manage all the reminders, lists,  and keep a comprehensive trail of  all the important tasks on one platform.

This app proved very useful for freelancers.


  1. Zoom


Zoom | Bulb And Key


 Freelancers need to have good communication skills for communicating effectively with the clients so there is a serious need for a good conferencing app that helps users to connect with the whole team. This app can be considered as one of the best apps for virtual meetings.


  1. Brand24


Brand24 app | Bulb And Key


This app will help users to trail about his/her brand across the internet in simple words the user will know how effectively his/her brand is working in the real world. 

Accurately, the user will get a notification every time when their brand names come up or someone mentions a negative or positive comment about your brand.


  1. Postbox


Postbox app | Bulb And Key


 Managing emails is one of the biggest tasks of freelancers. And this app is perfectly outlined for administrating your inbox stress. Users have facilities like storing, organizing and grouping all email accounts on the platform. Focus pane(highlight only important mails) and a number of shortcuts available for the user.


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  1. Slack


Slack app | Bulb And Key


It is all in one tool. It helps the user to connect with the entire team and clients. It gives another platform for work in a more organized and effective way which also looks cooler instead of using old emails which is basically hard to manage.


  1. Bitwarden


Bitwarden app | Bulb And Key


 If you are a freelancer or a member of freelancing platforms, you need to maintain many social media accounts, apps or few blogs, so remembering passwords is one of the biggest problems for most of the users, this app helps the user to store confidential data in a most centralized and secure manner. This app offers great security and hence the best password manager app.


  1. Infit Storage Platform


Infinit app | Bulb And Key


Users who still follow old steps like sending photos from their phones to computers or from USB drives can use this app, This app is designed for quick sharing of photos, videos, etc across 

people and even the operating system, which results in efficient sharing.


  1. Grammarly


Grammarly app | Bulb And Key


 This app will help with perfect grammar, punctuation, spellings, and plagiarism. It mainly used for text improvements which is quite useful for freelancers for better communication and writing skills. Moreover, This app can also be used as an extension on the browser and helps to analyze the whole data by uploading them to the application.


  1. Scrivener

  Scrivener app | Bulb And Key


More freelancers are linked with a writing career and this app is designed for those who heavily spend all the time on writing.

It is available for both macOS and windows. It provides scrapbook, a typewriter, and research assistant, which makes manual work less and managing can also be done with no complication 


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Freelancers play a major role in booming the industry with a lot of standards and getting your tasks done, and often they also need some resources which can keep them up for the work and help to do what they want to achieve. Freelancers work with a lot of information so POCKET is there to help them keep important links for future, another example can be of SLACK, freelancers can be more organised with their team and clients using it. So if you are a freelancer you must check these applications to manage your workload in a much simpler way.


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