Sweet Diwali or Bitter Diwali ?

Namrataa Mahalley

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This Diwali may not have proved a sweet affair for many bakers in the city due to the fall in demand for sweets. “People are not buying sweets like they used to during the pre-Covid days,” said many bakers.


Reason – Covid


Meanwhile, it is pointed out by many that people have become more health conscious, many prefer chocolates and dry fruits, which have less or no sugar when compared to traditional sweets and bakes. Observations that Covid-19 outcomes are more severe in people with diabetes and metabolic dysfunction, are also seen as a factor for less consumption of sweets. Well reason could be many but bottom line is that we as bakers definitely have suffered on our sales.


Now that one festivity is over and we as bakers are gearing up for the major 2 festives – Christmas and New Year few pointer that we need to pay attention to –


-Plan your Hampers




-Promote your offerings well before time


-Make sure you touch base with all your clientele ( Individuals or  Corporates )


– Make social media your prime advertisement channel


advertisement channel


– Click good pictures that entices your customers.


– Brand and price depending on your product line and clientele


– Package properly considering the current pandemic scenario.


– Make sure the deliveries are safe and promote for the same.


-Try to mention your FSSAI Numbers and nutritional value of your product




– Avoid sending hampers /bakes open. Ensure closed packaging and sealing


– Create video / picture of your working stations / surrounding to showcase the hygiene control that you follow.


These few pointers will help you attract customers and also add upto your sales. In few of our next Tuesday scoops we shall be paying close attention towards planning of hampers and products for Christmas and New Year. So make sure you guys stay glued to our scoop.


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Namrataa Mahalley

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