Homemade Desserts you Must Eat this Winter 2020

Mrudula Deodhar

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"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. "

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We Indians are blessed to have a sweet tooth. And we all love it thoroughly. Indian kitchens manage to create dozens and dozens of amazing desserts from season to season to satisfy this sweet tooth. Considering the body temperature balancing, the sweets are made with utter care and scientific base. Our ancestors were all so great that they could make a combination of healthy and tasty foods. And we are lucky to have learned it from our parents and grandparents to offer it to our next generations. So, let us have a look at some famous, regional, and homemade desserts that you must eat this winter 2020. Not only will they keep you healthy during the cold season but shall not fail to make you happy with their finger-licking tastes. So, let’s get started:


  • Ladoos




We all stole ladoos from our homes when our mothers restricted us from eating too many sweets. Less did we know why she restricted us. Because the ingredients with which the ladoos were made had a high heat content. A) Coconut ladoo- These ladoos are usually made across the year due to the availability of coconut and due to numerous health benefits. Coconut ladoo with condensed milk helps to keep our body movements smooth, painless, and healthy during the cold days


  • B) Besan Ke Ladoo-


B) Besan Ke Ladoo-


  • These ladoos are prepared in most parts of West India and North India. Also, popularly known as ‘besanache ladu’ in Maharashtra, it is an item made in every Maharashtrian home during Diwali.


  • C) Teelache Ladoo-


Teelache Ladoo-


  • This type of ladoo is very famous in Maharashtra and Gujrat. It is made of sesame and jaggery and has dozens of health benefits. It is a sweet that is exchanged amongst people on the occasion of Makarsankranti when the climate is usually very cold in India.


  • Barfi




We may not even be able to count the types of recipes of barfis that exist in India. Every little area of India has its own form of barfi. Let’s have a look at the most famous ones:


  • A) Besan Ki Barfi-


Besan Ki Barfi-


  1. This barfi is made with the same ingredients as that of the Besan ke ladoo. While the texture might differ a bit, the taste is almost the same. Punjabi besan burfi is very famous in the north and is very rich and healthy during winters and rains.


  1. B) Coconut Barfi-


Coconut Barfi-


  1. There are two ways of preparing coconut barfis. One is where it is made up of sugar and the other is coconut burfi with jaggery. In some places of south Maharashtra, people prepare coconut barfis by adding potato and sugar as well. It tastes great and is thicker than usual.


  1. C) Chikki-


C) Chikki-


  1. This isn’t really a type of barfi but is a form in itself. It is made up of crushed groundnuts and jaggery. It is eaten across the year but is a more preferred one during winters.


  • 3.Sooji Badam Halwa


Sooji Badam Halwa


Also called ‘Sheera’ in most parts of Maharashtra, this dessert dish tastes yummy. It is also called Kaju badam suji when the dessert is made by adding dry fruits like cashew nuts and almonds. Usually, it is made up of Sooji, Sugar, milk, and water and is cooked on low flame.


  • Malpua




This is a dessert that is renowned in the Eastern regions of India and the nearby nations like Nepal. The malpua recipe consists of sugar, plain flour, rice flour, and coconut water. It is basically a form of Indian pancake. People prefer to have it as a snack or a dessert.


  • Apple Pie


Apple Pie

This dessert is originally from England but can be easily made at home with some handy ingredients. Apple crisp with pie filling consists of apple as its prime ingredient. It is a dessert that is usually three-layered consisting of pastry at both ends and the apple filling in between. Many people love apple pie with crumb topping. You may want to eat it with your favorite ice-cream and you would thank me later!

So which dessert is on your mind right now? Have you triggered your sweet tooth already by reading this? If you have, now is the time to cook the one you feel excited about

Mrudula Deodhar

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