Healthy Soups to Keep You Fit this Winter

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Aren’t winters the best of all? They sure are! The lovely flowers and amazing fruits of this time make us fall in love with this season. Not only that, but we all love going on trips, picnics and trekking journeys. It’s so pleasant, refreshing, and joyful. But how do we forget how we are all having sneezes, fevers, and running noses due to the hard climate. Now that it is COVID-19 all over, this winter is going to be crucial for us, no doubt. And so, here’s what is brought for your service- A list of healthy and easy soups to keep you warm and fit during this winter season. Grab the list right now and start your preparation to cook your favorite soup tomorrow.


Here you go:


  • Sweet Corn Soup


Sweet corn soup


For the people who love a slightly sweet taste, should go for this one. You surely have your options in veg and non-veg. Sweet corn chicken soup can be made of sweet corn grains, chicken, and selective veggies like carrots and beans. The veg Chinese sweet corn soup also tastes great with just plain- boiled vegetables.


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  • Vegetable manchow soup


vegetable manchow soup


This one is the most popular one of all the vegetable soup recipes. Most people have it on their priority list while they plan to dine out. Its taste, the complimentary fried noodles, and the hot-spices are so very delicious to the taste buds. Well, but you do not have to wait to dine out for that, because it can be cooked really well at home as well. Vegetable Manchow soup recipes of slightly different forms and tastes are available online on YouTube and google.


  • Tomato Soup


Tomato soup


With a slightly sweet and taste with an edge of sourness, the tomato soup can never be missed in the list of most preferred ones. There’s everything about the roasted tomato soup that you would not want to miss out on. If you want to have your tomato soup on a slightly spicy side, you might want to have a roasted garlic tomato soup.


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  • Broccoli Soup


Brocoli soup


More than the one that you might buy at a restaurant, homemade broccoli soup is a smarter choice. The reason being- it can be customized. Broccoli originally tastes not very great to your taste buds if it is your first time. And so when you cook it at home, you have a number of options to customize the taste. You can have it spicy, sour, or even slightly sweeter. You can have added fresh vegetables and cream for better taste. Some people you don’t wish to make it buttery or sweet might want to have broccoli soup without cream.


  • Mushroom soup


mushroom soup


If you are a mushroom fan cream of mushroom soup must be your preferred choice while you dine out. Full of vegetables, spices, and sauces, mushroom soups taste great. Not only is it fulfilling and healthy but it also allows you to have vivid varieties in your customization of the soup. You can have different varieties of fruit vegetables, cheese, cream, corn or even paneer to be added to your homemade cream of mushroom soup.


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  • Lentil soup


lentil soup


Lentil soups are one of the tastiest soups due to the originally tasty lentils. While the white bean soup is specifically a good one apart from the mixed lentil soup, the best lentil soup recipe is the one where you can add all the available lentils and veggies. In the lentil vegetable soup, almost all vegetables suit well. It is usually on a spicy side, but can be made less spicy as per one’s taste buds. All Indian spices can be used while cooking this soup. You sure must not miss out on instant white bean soup.


  • Noodle Soup


Noodles soup


In recent times, soupy noodles have gone as famous as a noodle soup. Both being great in tastes, spicy noodle soup never fails to impress your tongue. The ramen noodle soup is a great soup recipe to try if you like spicy soups.


So, when do plan to have a hot bowl of your favorite soup? Before the real winter hits your region, why don’t you start and try to cook all the above ones? You may save the best one for the real cold day!


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