5 Qualities of Truly Great Bread

Namrataa Mahalley

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"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."

- Voltaire


Here, are the five qualities of bread that separate an amazing loaf from a mediocre one that every baker should know.


  • Crust:


crisp crust


I have always believed that the caramelised crust taste and look better than the pale breads. I also like a strong contrast between a crisp crust and a tender crumb. Ideally, I always checkout a range of colours – Some dark n light spots. If you typically taste a complete caramelized crust it will have a burnt and overpowering taste. And if it’s pale, it’s going to taste totally bland.


  • Big bubbles:


Big bubbles: 


Big bubbles are a sign of well baked bread. An overworked or under worked dough, sour starter, undone poolish will never give a perfect bread.


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  • A glossy interior:


A glossy interior: 

A super-glistening, super wet and shiny interior of a bread, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s undone. If with a press it feels moist to the touch, and bounces back it means that the starches are well hydrated and gelatinized.


  • A mildly sour taste:


sour taste:


A perfect bread is always the one which is baked as per a person’s preference. I always prefer a slight sour taste to my breads. The acids that let out the sourness gives it a nice French taste.


  • Grain Flavour:


Grain Flavour: 


Freshly milled grains let out a complete different taste and softness. I believe that fresh milling plays and important role and directly affects the final product. Every wheat has a different flavour, and to be able to taste the same in the final product defines the quality of bread.


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