10 Best Maharashtrian dishes worth giving a try

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If your taste buds are craving for some spicy food then Maharashtrian food is the best thing to try. It has variety of dishes that are both mildly and heavily spicy. The aroma of spices brings flavors that will leave you tempting for it. Each Maharashtrian dish represents the style of the region from where it originated. 


There are some dishes which are found only in Maharashtra. If you want to enjoy its rich and varied cuisine, do not miss some special dishes that we will look now. Here are top 10 Maharashtrian dishes worth giving a try:


  • Pav Bhaji –


Pav Bhaji -


Originated in the capital city of Maharashtra – Mumbai – Pav Bhaji was initially a quick lunch for textile mill workers. Later, its popularity grew so much that it is served as street food and in restaurants all over India. Pav which means bread roll and bhaji is the Maharashtrian term for vegetables. The vegetables are smashed and are served in a gravy form. You can find special spices blend available for making the Pav Bhaji. 


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  • Pithla –




One of the quick dishes to cook, Pithla is a household name in Maharashtra. It is also called as Zunka or Jhunka. It is a semi-solid paste mainly prepared using chick-pea flour and then sauteed using oil and spices. Pithla is served along with rice or jowar flatbread known as “Bhakri”. Some may also serve it with “Thecha” which is a spicy condiment prepared using chilies and garlic. Pithla is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fiber. 


  • Masale Bhat –


Masale Bhat


Masale Bhat is a common dish found in Maharashtrian festivals and weddings. It is a traditional one-pot recipe which is made of rice, spices, and vegetables. There are other pot rice recipes found in India, but Masale Bhat has a distinct aroma because of Goda Masala. Goda Masala is a combination of almost fourteen spices. Masale Bhat is served with raita or amti. 


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  • Dal Khichdi –


Dal Khichdi


This Maharashtrian dish is basically a wholesome meal and is light on the stomach. It is a combination of rice and toor dal along with spices. You can use moong dal instead of toor dal. It is a simple dish served with papad, pickle, or ghee. The recipe is easy and one of the best Maharashtrian dishes eaten during lunch time.


  • Puran Poli –


Puran Poli


Puran Poli is a popular dessert in Maharashtra made during festivals like Holi and Ganesh Chaturthi. “Puran” means sweet and “Poli” means flatbread. As the name suggests, it is a flatbread which is filled with sweet stuff. The sweet stuff or Puran mixture is mainly made up of jaggery and chana dal. Poli can be made using all-purpose flour. It can be served with ghee or yogurt. 


  • Misal Pav –


Misal Pav -


Misal Pav is a scrumptious dish that can be served as a breakfast or a meal. This dish is best Maharashtrian food in Pune. Misal Pav from Pune is generally called “Puneri Misal” however there are other varieties such as Kolhapuri Misal and Khandesi Misal. Misal is a spicy curry made of moth beans and Pav is a type of bread roll. Farsan or sev, onions, lemon, or coriander is used to put on top of the curry. Then it is served with Pav toasted with butter. 


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  • Vada Pav –


Vada Pav


Vada Pav is a famous street food that was started on the streets of Mumbai. It is one of the most affordable Maharashtrian dishes available on the breakfast menu. Vada is made by frying the potato ball dipped in chickpea flour batter. It is then sandwiched inside the Pav. It is then served with various types of chutneys such as green chutney or tamarind chutney. 


  • Marathi Chicken –


Marathi Chicken -


Marathi Chicken is a Maharashtrian style of chicken curry and is best Maharashtrian food. It is an appetizing dish that is hugely popular amongst non-veg lovers. It can be served at lunch or dinner. A special blend of spices is used to make the masala that gives this dish its distinctive aroma. You can have this dish along with chapati, roti, or naan. 


  • Thalipeeth –


Thalipeeth -


Thalipeeth is a type of flatbread that was initially made during the start of the harvest season. The flour used to prepare it is called “bhajanee”. It is made from legumes, spices, and roasted grains. This flatbread is served with ghee, butter, or yogurt. It is a healthy snack option and is one of the popular Maharashtrian dishes.

Bombil – This delicacy is a must-try for all seafood lovers. Bombil is also known as “Bombay Duck” even though it is fish, not a duck. It is a soft and fleshy fish. It is only found in parts of the Arabian Sea that are surrounding Mumbai. Bombil is marinated in a mixture of local masalas and is covered in semolina. It is then shallow fried. You can enjoy it by squeezing lime on it and eating it along with green coriander chutney.


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