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Top 6 Embroidery Institutes In India

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"You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions. "

- Naguib Mahfouz


Embroidery is an elegant form of art which enhances the value of dresses by adding an aesthetic touch to clothes. To master this art one has to have both creativity and precision. All varieties of embroidery, both Indian and international have their heritage and intricacies. 


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For those who want to learn this complex and beautiful art here is a list of India’s top 6 embroidery schools:-


1. Mridula’s School of Embroidery & Fashion Design


Mridula's School of Embroidery & Fashion Design


It was founded by Mridula Nagarajan. It is a unique school which is dedicated to the art of Embroidery. The institute teaches the elegance of traditional techniques and their application to fashion design and modern apparel


They offer numerous comprehensive regular and correspondence embroidery courses which include teaching stitch based embroidery and counted thread embroidery. They teach a vast variety of Indian and European embroidery techniques that have distinct and unique styles along with complex structures and interesting regional histories.


2. Chennai Tailoring Institute


Chennai Tailoring Institute,


It established in the year 1979. They offer training in Tailoring and Fashion DesigningChennai Tailoring Institute offers extensive courses that cover all aspects of tailoring right from cutting, stitching, making clothes, Fashion Garment Designing to Embroidery and Pattern Making.


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3. Institute of Design and Technology


Institute of Design and Technology


It is one of the leading educational institutes in Surat. It aims at providing students hands-on education which caters to the Creative, Competitive, Changing and Challenging trends of the industry.


This institute offers a unique course of Computerized Embroidery Design, where students learn Embroidery through digital means. 


4. Saroja School of Embroidery, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu


aroja School of Embroidery, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu


It founded by the Saroja Memorial Trust. They offer many courses specially catered toward women. They aim to educate women so that they can rise and become self-dependent individuals.


They offer extensive Diploma courses in traditional Machine and Hand Embroidery as well as a Diploma Course in the specific type of embroidery, Aary Work.


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5. Zarapkar College of Fashion


Zarapkar College of Fashion


It was founded by Shri K. R. Zarapkar in the year 1933 in Pune. With their current campus in Dadar, Mumbai, it is one of the most renowned fashion schools in Maharashtra. 


The institute offers special short term courses on embroidery, for those who want to specifically train themselves in the specialization of embroidery.


6. Embroidery Notion


Embroidery Notion


It is an institute in Pune that specializes in Digital Embroidery. It has merged the traditional art of embroidery with modern digitalization. 


The institute offers a 3-month long certification course that focuses on digital embroidery as well as making quilts, lampshades, back blouses, etc.


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