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The 6 Best Mini Embroidery Hoops of 2020

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Pint-sized but packed with personality, miniature embroidery is a quick and easy type of stitching that doesn’t require many materials and can even be made by reusing tiny bits of fabric left over from other projects.


Once you’ve finished the embroidery, you can preserve their quality using tiny hoops – known as mini embroidery hoops- that frame the mini embroidery design you’ve stitched, thus making it more functional and even more adorable!


Before we delve into the different types of hoops, we need to answer the following questions ; what are miniature embroidery hoops? What are they used for? 


Miniature embroidery hoops are very small embroidery hoops in which you can place your finished embroidery project. Usually ranging from sizes 3 inches and smaller, these hoops – with their solid and secure centre – aren’t meant for stitching, but simply for displaying your finished project as a brooch or necklace pendant. 


These mini hoops come in various shapes ranging from simple, classic choices to more extravagant hoops like the modern laser cut and the handcrafted hoop. In this article you’ll learn about six different types of miniature hoops that you can use to finish off your mini embroidery project. 


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1)  Miniature Embroidery Hoop Necklaces ( Dandelyne’s Mini Hoops)  :


Miniature Embroidery Hoop Necklaces


One of the most classic hoops on the market, these mini hoop necklaces are perfect for framing your stitching. Available in a range of sizes and shapes including circles and ovals, the hoops in these kits also have a smooth, wood-covered back that polishes off your project, giving it a professional look. 


Designed by Australian embroidery expert Sonia, these hoops known as Dandelyne’s hoop kits were first made in 2011. Originally made from locally sourced wood, years of refining the process and shape has made the Dandelyne hoop- now available in various colours and in acrylic form – an integral part of the mini embroidery community. 


2)   Owl Multi-Hoop Pendant ( Selina Hudson ) : 


 Owl Multi-Hoop Pendant


If you’re interested in more unique, intricate and awe-inspiringly creative hoops for your project, hoops designed by Selina Hudson Designs are the perfect option for you. 


Moving away from the standard shapes, these are laser-cut wooden mini hoops shaped as everything from circles and hexagons to polaroid’s and owls. The owl-shaped hoop fromSelina Hudson is a particularly popular option as it’s a multi-hoop design with three spaces for embroidery.


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3)   Wooden Mounting Trays ( ARTBase) : 


 wooden pendants


If a handcrafted look is more your style, then these handmade wooden mini embroidery hoops, modern pendant blanks, and mounting trays etc are a great option. Designed by Florida-based shop, ArtBASE – from creative duo Betty and Marcos – these wooden pendants and bezel trays use and blend solid woods like Mahogany, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut to create a base that’s perfect to show off your work. 


The shapes of these frames range from oval and round to leaf and bird-shape. In addition, some of the designs even come with glass cabochons around which your embroidery can wrap around.


4)   3D Printed Scallop Hoops ( Stars and Sunshine) : 


3D Printed Scallop Hoops


There’s not much that’s as intriguing and cute as 3D printed additions to your creative projects. With scalloped edges, these colourful mini hoops from Julia of Stars and Sunshine, are multi-functional as they can be made into necklaces or a display with a pin back. There’s another very cool feature to these unique hoops. They come with a glow in the dark option!! Aside from all the cool options, these scallop hoops also come in larger sizes like 4 or 6 inches.


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5)   Metal Embroidery Frame Pendant(Kailea) : 


Metal Embroidery Frame Pendant


Tired of all the wooden hoops you come across? Then the sleek, metal frames from Kailea are the best choice for you. These embroidery pendant and brooch settings in this line of metal mini hoops, come in silver and gold finishes in a variety of sizes. Perfect to place your fabric or even a mini photograph into, these hoops shine with a modern flair. 


6)   Mini Hoop Sampler Pack ( Sew Cross Handmade) : 


Mini Hoop Sampler Pack


Are you experimental with your embroidery? Not completely sure if the 2-inch hoop will work better than 1.1-inch hoop for your project? Sew Cross Handmade’s multi-pack sampler pack of mini hoops will solve your problems!


With five wooden hoops in a range of sizes, classic shapes like oval and circle and variation of colours, feel free to go all out with your mini embroidery test projects. 


Conclusion :


An activity that’s quite easy and relaxing to do – once you’ve got the simple threading strokes mastered – mini embroidery is all the rage right now. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s Fast to finish, fun to do and these hoops used to frame them are cute to boot.


What are you waiting for? Check out these six best choices of miniature embroidery hoops so you can try out this trendy craft for yourself. 


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