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Meet The ‘Master Of Embroidery’ Anjali Jadhav Who Says Learning Is A Life-long Process

Shruti Swaminathan

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"There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance. "

- Albert Einstein


“Age can never be a barrier to learning. If you are willing to learn new things, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.” Anjali Jadhav


Anjali Jadhav is an artist who loves to design different outfits having attractive and eye-catching embroidery. Since childhood, she always loved designing clothes.


Anjali regularly designed wedding outfits for her close friends and family. Her undying love for embroidery and diligent attitude enabled her to make a successful career out of her passion.




Anjali completed her Diploma in Fashion Designing from INIFD, Pune. Later she worked in a boutique known as R Factory.


She started organising various exhibitions where she used to sell beautiful designer dresses. However, in recent years she realised her love for embroidery and therefore, started focussing her business on embroidery.


It has been two years since she is doing embroidery work professionally. Anjali personally enjoys doing embroidery on the neckline of various outfits like Kurtis, anarkalis and western tops.


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Recollecting memories of her first client Anjali says, “My first project was creating machine embroidery on outfits that were designed for The London Fashion Week. I made embroidery designs on leather outfits. I also made butterfly design embroidery, cut them, did applique work and stitched those designs on different outfits.”


The challenging part of this project was that she had to do embroidery work on the neckline of a beautiful satin gown. Satin is a very delicate dress material that tears easily. Anjali says, “This embroidery work was very intricate and time-consuming. This order was worth the effort because my client was satisfied with the final designs. This is a memorable and unforgettable experience for me.


Anjali also shares one of her best recent experiences. She says, “I got an order from a boutique to create their logos on fifty scarfs through machine embroidery. These scarves were given as gifts by my client. For the first time, I did embroidery of logos and got appreciated for my work.” 




Anjali has learned digital or computerised embroidery in her fashion designing course.


She also does hand embroidery that she has learned by practicing various designs. In hand embroidery, she likes doing zari work, beadwork, Kundan work, and pearl work.


In the next few years, Anjali is planning to open her own boutique and expand her business. She wants to learn advanced techniques of hand and digital embroidery too.


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Anjali’s advice for budding entrepreneurs is that “If you have a dream and are determined to fulfill it then automatically you will find ways to achieve it. Patience, Hardwork and Perseverance can definitely make you successful.”


Anjali says, “Bulb and Key is a good platform for a homemaker like me to reach out to many people and promote my business.”


“The key to success is a dedication to life-long learning.” – Anjali Jadhav


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