How to Do Cobra Stitch Knots

Mrudula Deodhar

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"Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination. "

- John Dewey


Today’s fashionable generation across the globe is indeed fascinated with the Cobra Stitch Knotted items. Cobra stitch knots are usually used to make bracelets (for friendship days), trendy men’s bands, and even ladies’ necklaces. The best part of cobra knot stitches is that it can be done using almost every type of material that is capable of tying knots. By mastering the knitting basics, you can easily produce items with cobra stitch knots and start your small home business at the earliest. 


Here, you have a few tips and methods handy to learn knitting stitches. All you’ll need to do is to channelize your creativity and bring into market your creative and fancy items.


  • Keep the supplies ready




Just like there has to be a kit prepared for your cross-stitching project, you need a few accessories for your cobra stitch projects as well. You may simply follow the following list or add items to the list as and when required.

o Measuring tape

o Scissors

o Craft or fabric glue

o A toothpick or a short and thin plastic stick

o Leather lace (you may consider any other strong material)- Colour A

o Leather lace- Colour B


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  • Measure the strands and cut


 lace strands


Depending upon the type of item or jewellery you intend to make, you’ll need to cut the leather strands. It looks great to have two laces of different colour shade. While you cut the lace strands, calculate and make sure the length would be enough. It is easy to cut off the extra length but it is difficult to attach a new one if you fall short of it. The longer you keep the length, the beneficial it will be.


  • The knots


The knots


Here are specific instructions given that can help you in knitting stitches of the cobra knot. It is recommended to follow them in the given sequence so that you won’t be in a mess and would not want to give up in between. These rope knots are easy to make and also are long-lasting.


In the very beginning, fold the smaller piece of the lace (Lace Colour B) in half. Next, get the lace of colour A and hold it the middle (half-length). Tie a simple knot around the lace of colour B. 


  • The First Cobra Stitch Knot


The First Cobra Stitch Knot


Firstly, mark the left and right sides of your lace (colour A). You can mark them with unique colourful marks so that there wouldn’t be any confusion further. Now, take the left strand of this lace towards the centre of the lace with colour B and then just behind the right stand. Once this is done perfectly, repeat the same procedure again starting with the right strand at the centre and then behind the left strand. 

Don’t forget to pull the strands so that the knot becomes tight.


  • The Second Cobra Stitch Knot


The Second Cobra Stitch Knot


Now, on your second step, have your right strand over the centre lace and then under the left strand. Then, have the left strand to the centre and then to the right through the loop formed. Again, tighten the knot well. 


Continue to repeat these knitting stitches for the desired length but keep a keen eye on the uniformity of the knitting pattern. If the rope knots are not maintained at every repetition, there is a possibility of losing the whole shape and structure of your item.


  • Finishing off the knots


Finishing off the knots


It is a good idea to have a bit of length extra left behind than decided if you are not very sure who is going to use the item produced by you. With the help of a toothpick to hold the strands in place, apply the glue where you end the knots. Depending on the material used for the knots, amount of glue may vary. 


Although cobra stitch knot designs are themselves quite appealing and trendy, you can also integrate your creativity from different arts and crafts. French knot, different types of rope knots, and cross stitches may look great on the item you are producing, may it be a simple bracelet.  


So, grab the supplies from the shop right away and start with your Cobra Stitch Knots project today!

Mrudula Deodhar

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