Five Tools To Organize Your Cross Stitch Supplies


Five Tools To Organize Your Cross Stitch Supplies

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Cross stitch is a wonderful needlecraft that has gained popularity amongst the youngsters for its beauty and versatility. Cross stitch has different skill-levels but is an easy-to-learn art form that most people pursue as a hobby. It is fun to cross-stitch. However, handling cross stitch supplies is a great deal for most artists. In order to help you manage and organize your cross stitch designs and cross stitch supplies, don’t miss out reading the next few lines. Mark the words, they are going to be useful to you!


  • Organizing cross stitch floss


1.Organizing cross stitch floss


The floss is the soul of your cross stitch designs. According to the cross stitch patterns and designs that you choose to perform, there are a number of options that you may choose to opt for. If you are not looking to organize it separately,  you can choose to keep the floss the way it is while you bought it. Another way is to wind it to a bobbin. For special stitching designs or projects, you can use a simple floss organizer. 


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  • Organizing cross stitch patterns


Organizing cross stitch patterns


While there are so many cross stitch patterns available today in the market, you may want to save a bunch of them for your To-Do list. These days, free cross stitch patterns are also easily available which also keeps the ball rolling for you always. But, it can be a tedious task to maintain this bunch and keep it organized well. So, for organizing cross stitch patterns, the best way is to use plastic file folders. You may also maintain a file cabinet to save all your cross stitch patterns in one place with pre-defined nomenclature.


  • Organizing cross stitch fabric


Organizing cross stitch fabric


Your fabric for cross stitching is something that is to be handled with utter care. It has to remain neat, clean, and flawless all its life. To achieve this, you may consider folding your fabrics on a foam board. Further, you can keep it neat by stacking it in a bookcase. This not only ensures the cleanliness of the fabric for cross stitch but also keeps it well-organized. 


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  • Organizing cross stitch needles


Organizing cross stitch needles


One of the most important elements of cross stitch for making lovely and creative cross stitch patterns like the butterfly cross stitch, peacock cross-stitch, etc. are the needles. Cross stitch needles are the most critical tools to be handle. Because it involves the safety of children, the elderly, and in fact, everyone around, organizing cross stitch needles is very essential. Needle minders are tools that help you in keeping track of your needles while you are stitching designs and even when you are not. It is a good tool to be owned by every cross stitcher.


  • Organizing cross stitch travel bag


Organizing cross stitch travel bag


Cross stitch is indeed a handy art. If you wish you can have your cross stitching going on and on while you are at your relatives’ place or having a day-long journey or are sitting in a coffee shop waiting for someone to arrive. All you need is a good comfortable bag to carry all your supplies along with you. Considering the minimum and maximum sizes of all your supplies, you may want to purchase a good comfortable bag, especially for your cross stitch supplies.


Did you know a less known fact? Well, here it is- Cross-stitch is the oldest form of embroidery. And the best part is, you, oh yes, it’s you who is giving wings to this beautiful form of art. Having learned the tools to organize your cross stitch supplies, would you not want to grow your art further? I am sure, you definitely want to!

Happy cross-stitching!!


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