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Digitization is a pain-staking process of deciding the finer details of the artwork design to convert it into embroidery. With the use of digitized embroidery software, designs can be manipulated to suit the fabric and achieve the desired effect.


  • What is Embroidery digitizing?


Embroidery digitizing?


What does an embroidery digitizing service do? They examine the design and fabric type and the artwork for digitizing. The embroidery digitizer understands the required size of the digitized design and the fabric that it will be embroidered on. The artwork has to be prepared for digitizing. There has to be a clear idea of the design interpretation.


  • How to digitize embroidery designs?


digitize embroidery designs


A skilled digitizing embroiderer has to understand the nuances of the fabric and stitching and apply the tools appropriately. Modern embroidery digitizing software allows you to convert artwork, handmade or scanned pictures.


The selected artwork is used as a template in the digitizing software and you can create a design with a variety of embroidery stitches in various colors and hues. A good embroidery digitizer must be conversant with different embroidery techniques and the intricacies involved. The digitizing process creates an embroidery stitch file that can be applied to apparel.


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  • Get the idea of the specifics of Digitizing Job


Getting an embroidery digitizing job is not about just uploading the artwork into the software and getting the machines to stitch.


  • Prepare the Artwork


artwork digitized


Embroidery digitizing is a process of converting artwork into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on apparel to embroider any designs. The first step is to get the artwork digitized. The selected artwork must be suitable for embroidery digitization. If not, it will need editing based on the final product. Some elements might need to be resized or rearranged or even removed.


  • Pathing


path in embroidery digitization


What is a path in embroidery digitization? The artwork is readied for digitization using a graphics program. Then a file is created for the embroidery program. This serves as a template for a stitch file. The sequence of stitches that will be used for the entire design is called the ‘path’. The pathing decides the entire embroidery process and how long it will take.


The digitizer assigns the underlay stitches to help the fabric stabilize with its backing. This is crucial to the final product as it creates a smooth surface for the embroidery to be done on. Incorrect underlying results in the fabric being seen through the design or stitches sinking into the fabric.


  • Assign Stitch Types to Embroidery


Assign Stitch Types to Embroidery


Run, satin, and fill stitches are the basic stitches that are used.  Satin stitch is ideal for text embroidery and borders. It lends a shiny look. Fill stitch is also called ceding stitch or tatami stitch and is used to fill in patterns that appear like a woven pattern. Fill stitches work best for achieving a textured look and filing in large designs.


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  • “Push and Pull”


“Push and Pull”


There is a movement of the fabric and design during the embroidery process which results in a distorted appearance. They are rectified with Push and pull compensation features.


  • Embroidery Sew-Out


Embroidery Sew-Out


An embroidered sew-out is a proof where the embroidery design is tried out on a small fabric scrap. You can create a digitize logo for embroidery machine.


  • Top 5 Embroidery Design Software


The top embroidery design software includes Wilcom designing software, Hatch Embroidery Digitizer, Janome Embroidery Software, Husqvarna Viking 6D Premier, and Embrid.


  • Wilcom Embroidery Software


Wilcom Embroidery Software


Wilcom digitizing software for embroidery offers plenty of stitching effects that can be achieved very quickly.


  • SewArt Embroidery Digitizer


SewArt Embroidery Digitizer


SewArt is an artistic digitizer that provides image processing tools to yield good images to be used in embroidery. The files are converted into embroidery file formats.


  • Hatch Embroidery Digitizer


Hatch Embroidery Digitizer


Wilcom Hatch Embroidery Software allows you to experiment with different features for creating digitized embroidery designs.


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  • Janome Embroidery Software


Janome Embroidery Software   


The Janome Digitizing Software allows you the artistic liberty to create different kinds of designs using a powerful interface. With its freehand drawing tool, you can engage in enhanced editing.


  • Husqvarna Viking 6D Premier


Husqvarna Viking 6D Premier


Husquvarna Viking 6D Premier is an embroidery digitizing software that aids the quick conversion of designs into embroidery on cloth. You can choose from more than 300 existing frames and many artistic effects.


  • Conclusion


With the digitizing software, you can prepare the artwork into an embroidery stitch file. This can be done at a machine embroidery digitizing service. You can also use online embroidery digitizing services to prepare the artwork for embroidery.


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