Exploring The Unknown, One Weave At A Time- Embroidery Artist Trupti Jog’s Adventurous Journey

Trupti Jog

  • 3 Sep 2019

    “The only way to stand out amongst others is to do things differently. Always try to explore new things and create opportunities for yourself as well as others. ” – Trupti Jog


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    Trupti has always been a creative mind. She has learned commercial art and had done various software courses on animation, multimedia, and web designing. She was also into fabric painting in which she used to paint her designs on different fabrics. She had worked as a graphic designer, web designer and a UI designer in different IT companies. 


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    Later she went to New Zealand with her husband for some time. And when Trupti came back to India, she thought of having something of her own. So, she started Pristine Embroidery which is an art studio with all types of embroidery work. 


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    To excel her knowledge in embroidery, she did a course from Embroidery Notion, Kothrud, Pune. They supported her in getting into the business and she also bought her embroidery machine from them.


    Trupti comes from animation and designing background so she was more interested in Portrait embroidery. She found it exciting and unique. Portrait embroidery means converting the portraits i.e. photographs into embroidery designs. 


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    On sharing her experiences she says, “Sometimes the portraits that client wants to convert are actually possible with printing and not embroidery. This was quite challenging for me but I want to master each and every aspect of Portrait embroidery”. Talking about one of her funny incidents she recalls, “One of my clients wanted to draw the embroidered design of their dog’s portrait. It was their dog’s birthday and this design was a gift for him.”


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    She aspires to have her own institute of embroidery where she could train people and create employment opportunities for them. 


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    Trupti says, “It has been a pleasant experience working with Bulb and Key. In fact, I got my first client and many other clients through Bulb and Key.”


    On giving advice to the budding creators, she says, “Be patient, be calm. A business doesn’t grow in one day. A lot of dedication and discipline are required to grow a business. It takes time to build trust within the audience. Just focus on your work and don’t panic over other things.”


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    Never stop learning new things in life. If you don’t try new things, you become stagnant in life and you stop growing. Trupti was an animation, multimedia and web designing enthusiast and also was learning fabric painting. Then she got into portrait embroidery and in the future, she wants to educate people and wants to create employment. The story of Trupti teaches us to constantly evolve and become a better version of ourselves.


    Passion and perseverance are the keys to success. You may not get everything in the first go, but eventually, you will be the master of your game. – Trupti Jog


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