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Embroidery Creator Swati Jadhav’s – Interview

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"The undertaking of a new action brings new strength. "

- Richard Evans


“Perfection is what I believe in, even if it consumes time. The product should look perfect”Swati Jadhav.


Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. We realize the importance of productivity in all aspects of life, be it education or profession. Talking about the profession, what becomes our profession are our hobbies.


Embroidery design by swati


Keeping that notion in mind we present you a story of a versatile embroidery artist who loves performing art on clothes and is pretty good at it. Swati Jadhav is the talented individual we are talking about here, she believes in perfection and she believes in productivity.


Embroidery design1


Swati is a fashion designer being graduated from arts field she had this everlasting inclination towards art and creativity “I have 2 daughters and after their exams were over I was sitting idle and wanted to try out something new” She went for an exhibition (art exhibition) over there she came across some beautiful fashion products and that kind of motivated her to try something of her own.


nature inspired embroidery

She decided to attend a course regarding expert level embroidery and that replenished her skills and interest. Swati was on her way to reaching the place where she desired to be ‘An embroidery artist’. Swati proudly shares “I learned a lot of new stuff in the classes, the course helped me with getting more knowledge about fashion” it was a bonus to her already completed fashion designing course.


Swati remembers her very first embroidery project “it was a Kurti, I performed embroidery on that” it turned out perfectly because Swati focuses on customer satisfaction, as she gets motivated with the positive customer feedback. Swati loves baby quilling, making various patterns on baby clothes, to make the toddlers look fabulous Swati designs their persona related art on their clothes. That sounds cool.


clean embroidery


She cherishes her most challenging project ever, it was a very interesting project. What happened was, a woman got a hole in her saree, and she was very anxious about that because it was a saree which was gifted to that lady by her mother. Which automatically makes the saree valuable or rather say priceless. Swati felt her yearning to make it alright and she fixed it, she fixed that hole in such a way that the woman who approached Swati for that project couldn’t believe that it’s fixed and it looks marvelous, she appreciated Swati for her presence of mind and creativity and went back home happily.


“Customers going back happy and smiling makes me want to perform embroidery more and more every day and give people a sense of satisfaction” including these sweet words Swati also states “Their sense of satisfaction is my sense of pride”


White-aqua Embroidery


For young and budding embroidery artists Swati has some valuable advice, she believes that customers and perfection is a process and it should be maintained, first focus on the market and work according to that, give yourself time have faith and good things will arrive at you.


She has been a very loyal partner of Bulb and Key and she cherishes the experience and is looking forward to working more. Even we are proud of our talented embroidery artists like Swati Jadhav.


“Work until it’s perfect even if it’s time-consuming or requires a lot of hard work because customers are paying you for the perfect desired outcome” – Swati Jadhav.


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