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  • 3 Jul 2019

    “Embroidery is a product of sheer tough work, you can’t accomplish it absolutely if you don’t have a burning passion and desire for it” – Mrs. Sonali Bhosale


    There is no substitute for hard work. You can’t give up. You can’t stop believing. You should never stop grinding. This is the way happy people live. Happy as in, when you enjoy the work you do, it automatically makes you cherish the dreams. Literally, the enjoyment pays off in this case. 


    Keeping this in mind we present you the story of a creative and artistic lady, Sonali. Her passion for embroidery got her across all the obstacles life had to place in front of her. From the scarcity of time to the requirement of perfection, and in embroidery, the definition of perfection is not  ‘it’s fine’. It should meet the eye of the customers. It should be good enough to please them, else, it’s a waste.


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    Sonali started off with this everlasting interest in fashion and creativity and that’s why she pursued fashion designing in the learning stage of her career. During the course, she realized that embroidery is the genre in a fashion where her complete interest lies. “So modern embroidery consists of a crucial combination of digitization and machine work.” hence she pursued both of the courses in machine embroidery, plus, digital work (ie- the complex software which is connected to the machine). After all of that Sonali knew that she was heading in the right direction.


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    She remembers her very first embroidery project “It was to be printed on a bag and the lines were E-sanchalak of my accounts” she did it for a company and she created all of the 4 logos for that company. Their trust lies in Sonali completely. “I never say no to any embroidery mission in front of me.”


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    Sonali mentions her most challenging project ever “it was an embroidery to be done on a netted dress, and nets cannot be properly placed on the machine” it was to be made for a ramp walk model. It took her two days to complete the desired product “the machine was switched on for complete 12 hours” She proudly shares that it turned out perfectly and the model loved it.


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    In the upcoming five years, Sonali wants to own an embroidery shop or showroom and she wants to portray her creativity on a larger scale.


    She appreciates Bulb and Key and their fulfillment when it comes to sending her the ‘.dst’ file. “Bulb and Key sends me the completed ‘.dst’ file and it is easy for me to complete the task on the machine.


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    Sonali believes that you can take embroidery as a profession only when you are interested in it “ you should learn both, machine and digitization, this will subtract the scope of being dependent on others for digitization and vice versa”. She heartily enjoys embroidery because she never says no to any project. “I can’t simply let it slide away” She completes her projects with all the grace she has to offer.


    “Do it only when you love to do it, and creativity comes with a lot of tough grinds makes you stand apart in the realm of embroidery. Never say no.” – Mrs, Sonali Bhosale


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