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  • 15 Jul 2019

    “For any business to settle down, it takes at least 3-4 years. We have to be patient in order to get the desired results and satisfaction” Sarika Belsare


    Patience is the key. This fact holds true in every facet of our lives. If we work hard and are willing to wait for the results, then success is sure to follow through. 


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    Keeping this in mind, we present to you the story of a creative and persevering lady, Sarika. Her undying love for embroidery and diligent attitude got her through all the challenges that were placed in front of her. One of her beliefs is that “hard work and patience are extremely important factors to help you achieve your dreams.” Her expertise lies in computerized embroidery


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    Sarika has always liked embroidery, ever since her school days where she learned the beautiful art of handwork. This sparked her further interest so in college she acquired useful sewing skills, which led her to pursue a Diploma Course in Fashion Designing. By this time, she was completely convinced of her deep love for embroidery, specifically digital embroidery. She got the opportunity to work at a digital apparel company and this expanded her skills and gave her the motivation to start her own business at home.


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    She remembers her first project which was creating machine embroidery on dress materials and selling them from her home or in exhibitions. Her most challenging work was her first order when she couldn’t do punching of designs. Another time, she was asked to work on a school logo project but she found it hard because of “a very short time-limit and experience.” In both these cases, she took someone’s help to overcome these problems. Ultimately, she says, “They liked the product and that school is still giving me work every year. Now she works with both commercial as well as industrial customers.


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    During the initial phase, she faced a lot of problems with regard to funding, place, and workers. “I had to overcome these problems otherwise it was not possible to work for the long term.”


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    In the next 5 years, Sarika dreams of buying her own big machine and her own place from where she can work. “Right now I am working from a small room in my house but I want to take my work outside.”


    As for her experience with Bulb and Key, she says she is very happy and has a good interaction with them. “It is very comfortable to work with Bulb and Key. I would like to work with them in the future too. 


    Sarika is a patient, striving individual and believes that whatever sector she chooses should be the right one and should give her complete satisfaction. We at Bulb and Key are proud to feature great talents like her on our portal!


    For young budding embroidery artists out there, Sarika has some advice – “We have to work very hard and won’t get the results immediately. We have to be patient.”


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