Embroidery Artist Tulika Chaturvedi Makes Us Believe That Learning Is A Life Long Process

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  • 3 Jan 2020

    “Focus on your work and keep exploring new things.” – Tulika Chaturvedi


    Tulika Chaturvedi, who did her Masters in Fashion Designing always had a keen interest in designing clothes. It was her hobby and later became a passion, but Tulika never really thought of pursuing it as her full-time job. Now she has a kid and thought of doing something from home so she started doing embroidery work. She does embroidery on t-shirts, caps, sarees, dresses and cushion covers.



    Tulika wants to learn new things about her industry and wants to explore her craft. She aims to be the best at what she does. Tulika has started working with boutiques and designs clothes for them. She says, “I am working on different projects everyday and learning a lot from it.”


    On remembering her first order Tulika says, “My first order was for a company in Pashan, Pune. I had embroidered 50 shirts for them. This was the first time I was working for any client, but the overall experience was awesome.”



    Tulika sums up her best experience saying she did embroidery for 500 people for an NGO. It was her best project and she is very happy and proud of it. 



    Talking about her challenges, Tulika says, “I was designing a lehenga for the first time for a client and was scared whether I would be able to do it properly.  Doing anything for the first time is a bit scary but when you successfully complete it, there is no better feeling and the whole experience boosts your confidence to another level. I delivered the lehenga and the client liked it very much.”


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    In the future, Tulika wants to target retail shops and want to get more into designing ethnic wears. She herself loves wearing Indian dresses and want to design it for others too. 



    This story of Tulika teaches us to pursue hobbies because they do not only give relaxation when you are stressed but also helps you develop skills that may later result in a full-time profession. When you make your hobby as a profession, you don’t feel burdened rather you enjoy your work. It also gives a sense of creative satisfaction. 


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    Another thing that is important is to learn from everyone and everywhere. The people you meet, the places you go, everything has something good to offer. Your learning attitude will take you to greater heights in life.


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