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6 Different Types Of Crochet Necklace That Is Easy To Make

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The only way to stand out from the crowd is to compliment your dressing with accessories. The accessory could be anything like a scarf, bracelet, watch, anklets or ring. However, there are times when you don’t get the matching earrings or necklace for your dress.


Instead of losing your mind in such times, you can use your mind to crochet a necklace. You can then flaunt it among your friends. It’ll not only improve your style quotient but also make you seem smarter than your friends. Great, isn’t it?


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To help you with that, here are six different types of Crochet Necklace that you can make on your own. 


Coral Crochet Necklace


Coral Crochet Necklace | Bulb And Key


Coral reef necklace goes well with any kind of outfit, be it an ethnic or western wear. It resembles the coral reef and hence the name. It can be made of materials like beads, metals, buttons and other things. Crochet your own necklace in any color you like. 


Some other materials that you would require are a hook, yarn, and toggle clasp. It would help if you’re familiar with stitches like Chain stitch, single crochet stitch, reverse single crochet and slip stitch. 


Try and experiment with different types of materials and you’ll surely look nothing less than a mermaid. 


Pineapple Pendant Crochet Necklace


Pineapple Pendant Crochet Necklace | Bulb And Key


Pineapple pendant crochet necklace is a perfect for summer outfit. It goes well with clothes of all colors. It is named so because it takes the shape of a pineapple. The best thing about this pendant is that you can wear it as a necklace or an earring. 


The materials you would need to make a Pineapple pendant crochet necklace are Small turquoise seed bead, clover amour crochet hook, head pin, necklace, piler hook and long oval wooden bead. 


You can make different patterns of this necklace like a small ring, large ring, and leaves ring. Each of these requires you to do the stitching differently. 


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Curly Crochet Necklace


Curly Crochet Necklace | Bulb And Key


Curly Crochet Necklace usually has curls in the end. One side of the loop is curled whereas the other side is not curled. 


The materials required to make a curly necklace are crochet hook, large beads, yarn needle, gauge craft wire, pliers, and worsted weight yarn. 


Mesh Crochet Necklace


Mesh Crochet Necklace | Bulb And Key


Mesh Crochet Necklace is a long necklace that falls below your neck and covers the chest area. It is made using cotton or linen yarn. It is usually made in an inverted triangle shape. 


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Twisted crochet necklace


Twisted crochet necklace | Bulb And Key


Crochet a twisted necklace if you would like to don a funky look. Just like the scarf that looks attractive in old movies, this twisted necklace will make you look cool. 


You don’t need so much material to make this necklace. All you have to do is braid two different colors of yarn in a twisted pattern. 


Crochet Beads necklace


Crochet Beads necklace | Bulb And Key


This kind of necklace is made of beads, big or small. You can crochet different types or bead that are made of plastic, wool or metal. It gives an elegant look. 


Some of the materials and tools that you need to crochet a bead necklace are hook, plastic or wooden beads, necklace clasp, jump ring, tapestry needle, round nose plier, scissors, ribbon and cotton lace thread. 


Make it and flaunt it in your style. 


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These are the six widely used types of necklace that you can make on your own. The best thing about it is that you don’t even need so much money to buy the tools and materials. Master the art of crocheting necklace and start your own business. Such a great way to put your crafting skills to use. 


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